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OneWay Backup v1.0.0.903
OneWay Backup v1.0.0.903 OneWay Backup is a tool to create a mirror of folder A in folder B. It can run jobs in batch and can be run from command line. It will also allow you to receive emails notifying you of errors, successes, skipped and deleted item counts. Features Scans for altered files and copies them only Jobs can be run in batches Can be called from console so scheduling a backup is very easy Can create mirrors (i.e. delete files/folders from folder B so it is identical to folder A) Easy to use interface Command line parameters OneWay Backup can be called with command line parameters which makes it ideal for backup scheduling. /all: Run all jobs, both active and passive jobs /exit: Close the program when all jobs are done /shutdown: Shutdown the whole system when all jobs are done /sendmail: Send email when done using options set in Email Configuration window /methodX: Use comparing method x where is 0, 1, 2 /method0: Full file search: Reads whole content of files /method1: Uses MD5 checksums for comparesion /method2: Compare file sizes /method3: Compare last modified date Please note that, OneWay Backup compares last modified date first before using the selected option. If 4th option is selected, only last modified dates will be compared. Licence OneWay Backup is licenced with MIT licence. Changes: v1.0.0.903 Added: Three email report types: Compressed CSV attachment, HTML table ...
5/5 1,916 Apr 02, 2020
Okan ÷zcan
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