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Indxr v242
Indxr v242 Indxr is a Word/VBA application that builds an index in your document in seconds! Indxr’s Interesting Words Engine, developed over the past quarter-century, is capable of locating interesting words in any language (English, French, Norwegian and so on) and telling Microsoft Word to use those words in the Index. Until now you have not created an Index for your training manuals because creating an Index is such a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. Now you can create indexes with a single macro (so, ONE-CLICK) and the index will be created before you can leave your office to refill your mug of coffee. You might expect that after a quarter-century of development, Indxr and its Interesting Words Engine can do more than this, and so it can. But you will have to read the User Guide or explore TrailBlazer or Précis to find out just how powerful this engine is. The application arrives and is installed with the source code exposed – this is not a secretive, hidden evil application. Just the expression of a fellow-trainer and programmer who refused to spend two days building an index when he could have one generated for him in under thirty seconds Try it Today! It is FREE and so comes with a money-back guarantee. The Interesting Words Engine Indxr is really a front-end for an Interesting Words Engine. If you can find all the interesting words in a chunk of text, then you can do things with those interesting words. Indxr finds all the interesting words in a document and builds a concordance table, hands in to Automark and produces the results most users see. But if you can scour a document and locate all the interesting words in each paragraph, or in the first sentence of each paragraph, then you can quantify those paragraphs and build a much better ...
5/5 2,142 Sep 30, 2021
Chris Greaves
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