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Fido v1.22
Fido v1.22 Full ISO Download Script (for Windows retail ISOs) Fido is a PowerShell script that is primarily designed to be used in Rufus, but that can also be used in standalone fashion, and whose purpose is to automate access to the official Microsoft Windows retail ISO download links. This script exists because, while Microsoft does make retail ISO download links freely and publicly available (at least for Windows 8 and Windows 10), it only does so after actively forcing users to jump through a lot of unwarranted hoops, that create an exceedingly counterproductive, if not downright unfriendly, consumer experience and that greatly detract from what people really want (direct access to ISO downloads). As to the reason one might want to download Windows retail ISOs, as opposed to the ISOs that are generated by Microsoft's own Media Creation Tool (MCT), this is because using official retail ISOs is currently the only way to assert with absolute certainty that the OS content has not been altered. Indeed, because there only exists a single master for each of them, Microsoft retail ISOs are the only ones you can obtain an official SHA-1 for (from MSDN, if you have access to it, or from sites such as this one) allowing you to be 100% sure that the image you are using has not been corrupted and is safe to use. This, in turn, offers assurance that the content YOU are using to install your OS, which it is indeed critical to validate beforehand if you have the slightest concern about security, does match, bit for bit, the one that Microsoft released. On the other hand, regardless of the manner in which Microsoft's Media Creation Tool produces its content, because no two MCT ISOs are ever the same (due to MCT always regenerating the ISO content on ...
5/5 719 Aug 20, 2021
Pete Batard
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