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ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 7 and 8 4.4.4
ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 7 and 8 4.4.4 The installer will automatically remove most other popular codec releases from your computer before installing this concise yet comprehensive package. Standard Codecs and Standard x64Components also available. Codecs have been a problem for most users at one time or another. This is because there has never been an 'out of the box' working solution that the average computer user could install and just have everything work properly from the beginning. There are several decent codec package solutions out there, but none of them did everything I wanted. I was always in need of a tweak, adjustment, or even a re-installation just to get the codecs I needed/wanted and most of the time, the file still didn't play properly. This frustration was the basis for me to begin making a codecpack that works with ALL players. The installer will automatically remove most other popular codec releases from your computer before installing this concise yet comprehensive windows media center setup package. Change Info: - update LAV filters 59.1+ - update Gabest filters 4182 - update DirectVobSub 316 - update MediaInfo DLL 7.66
0/5 4,030 Jan 09, 2014
Advanced Mobile Care for Android 3.3
Advanced Mobile Care for Android 3.3 Advanced Mobile Care is an all-in-one Android security and performance optimization app that performs real-time virus scans while also featuring a brand new Anti-theft, powerful Game Speeder, Battery Saver, App Manager, Task Killer, Privacy Locker, Privacy Advisor and Cloud Backup. With its sleek design and powerful features, Advanced Mobile Care gives Android users an excellent way to protect their smartphones from Android security and performance problems. With Advanced Mobile Care, your device will receive automated protection and system tune-ups like Malware Removal, Privacy Protection, and Operating System Cleaning in addition to an extensive toolbox of system utilities. Features: Mobile Anti-virus: One touch anti-virus scan can protect your device from viruses, malware, spyware, suspicious apps and provides real-time protection from virus attacks when downloading a new app or unknown file System Tuneup: One touch scan to clean memory, cache and junk files to boost your phone's operating speed Game Speeder: Launch games with Game Speeder to make games run smoothly and without lag or game-play disturbance. Battery Saver: Provides 3 battery saving modes to extend battery life as well as inform users about which apps consume the most battery power App Manager: App Manager includes batch delete APK files, move app to SD card, batch uninstall apps. It can sort all apps by name, size or use frequency to identify large or unnecessary apps for removal Task Killer: Quickly shut off memory intensive and battery hogging apps with one touch Privacy Locker: Hide, lock, and protect your private photos, videos and files with a password Privacy Advisor: Scans and displays all apps that access your personal information, such as personal data, contacts, locations, and SMS Cloud Backup & Restore: Backup and restore all your contacts and call logs from your previous device to a new one Widget: Perform quick scans directly from your Android desktop. Quick check ...
0/5 5,560 Nov 01, 2013
Advanced Password Recovery 1.3
Advanced Password Recovery 1.3 Advanced Password Recovery is a solution to manage Windows Accounts and recover popular stored passwords. Features: Manage the Windows Accounts. Change all user passwords. Remove all user passwords. Enable the logon patcher. Recover popular stored passwords. Generate random passwords with multi-options. Encrypt and decrypt any string or text with a password. Logon patcher: This function enables the possibility to change the password at the logon. To use, enable the feature and press “Shift” five times, the password manager appears. Another way, is to press the first button below on the left side, select the last option and apply, the password manager will open also. Logon patcher: This function enables the possibility to change the password at the logon. For the use, enable the feature and press “Shift” five times, the password manager appears. Another way is to press the first button below on the left side, select the last option and apply, the password manager will open also. Compatibility: Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Family Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family * All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems. * Requires .NET Framework v4.0. Credits: This is program are using Nirsoft Tools to recover the passwords. Total copyright is designed for respective developers. Latest Hashes for Advanced Password Recovery v1.3.exe CRC32: 8514843F MD5: 436ECE7858E332E2407BA26733FC5556 SHA-1: F80B31901B5F2147BBE5A5B7EF61D90A59905133 Password Recovering Compatibility: ...
5/5 722 May 24, 2017
Josh Cell Softwares Corporation
Advanced PortChecker 1.3
Advanced PortChecker 1.3 Advanced PortChecker is a free application that you can use to scan an IP address for open ports. You can scan both TCP and UDP ports (at the same time) to check if they are allowing connections. Scanning information is displayed in real-time meaning you can already use the information as soon as it’s available! Please only scan networks that you have permission to scan. Features Scan TCP ports Scan UDP ports Change connection time-out Real-time scan information Export as HTML Export as CSV Export as plain text Automatic updates Change theme settings
5/5 586 Mar 09, 2018
Advanced System Font Changer
Advanced System Font Changer With the Advanced System Font Changer, the system settings for text rendering in Windows OS can be changed. The software is designed to fill the gap created by Microsoft's decision to discontinue the option for setting the font sizes used by the system in Windows 10 Creator Update. Besides, according to the feedback and suggestions received since publishing the previous version of the program, the need for a version that allows more detailed settings has emerged. Besides setting font sizes, the major novelty in Advanced System Font Changer is the possibility to set fonts per categories and to define the relative distance between desktop icons. Thanks to these significant developments, Advanced System Font Changer provides setting options for all currently supported versions of Windows that are not available in the basic system, which is of high importance for the users of Windows 10 Creators Update. Advantages of using Advanced System Font Changer: Advanced setting view options, currently not supported by the basic system Allows the detailed setting of Windows 10 Creators Update Setting options for font type, size and style (Bold or Italic) per view categories Setting the distance of desktop icons Exporting safety backup and settings Tracking the current changes in settings Doesn’t require installation Free to use It supports Windows 7/8/10 operating systems
5/5 608 Jul 18, 2017
Advanced Tokens Manager 3.5
Advanced Tokens Manager 3.5 The Activation Backup Solution Advanced Tokens Manager is an easy to use application that helps you with Windows and Office activation backup and restore. About: Advanced Tokens Manager is a safer application that helps you with the Windows and Office Activation Backup and Restore. Microsoft imposes one limit of activations online and by phone for all licenses on your products. This application is able to make the full backup of all activation data stored on the computer for a trusted restore without damage or modification of the activation system. Features: Activation restore success rate is 100% if the new product edition is the same from backup and the copy is clean installed. Preserve the Hardware ID Master Generation Key for sensitive license channels when it is activated by Phone. Use the same backup to restore the activation status infinitely on the same hardware. Do not take ownership of any activation file backup / restoring the file properties. Activate the product from x86 to x64 and vice versa when using the same product edition. Install a fresh product windows copy with newer service packs and updates. Stores all activation details for a trusted activation restore. All product license activation channels are fully-supported. Check if the detected ProductKey matches with the installed license. Backup integrity checker with CRC32 of all backed-up files. Check if the backup is valid for the product Edition. Force the restore reinstalling files from tokens.dat. Update your drivers without loosing activation. Refresh the drivers before ...
5/5 655 May 22, 2017
Josh Cell Softwares Corporation
Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.17
Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.17 Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the perfect tool for uninstalling programs, speeding up your PC, protecting your privacy and removing all the obnoxious toolbars and browser hijackers that other cleaning tools don’t detect and remove. Advanced Uninstaller PRO features and the Installation Monitor keep track of all changes performed to your computer during software installations. Advanced Uninstaller PRO helps your PC run at its full speed by taking good care of the Windows registry and services. It also helps you free disk space by detecting and removing duplicate files and helping you turn on the Windows file compression if needed. The program can delete the web browsing and document opening history in many applications, so you can surf the Internet and open images, videos and any other file without worry. It can also defend your right to privacy by shredding the files and folders you choose in such a way that they won’t ever be recovered.
5/5 629 Jun 08, 2017
Innovative Solutions
ADVANCED x64Components for Windows 7 and 8 4.4.4
ADVANCED x64Components for Windows 7 and 8 4.4.4 Do you want to watch your favorite video in MediaCenter? These components are tested on x64. Standard Codecs and Standard x64Components also available. These components are tested on x64. This release is fully compatible with the 32bit codecs installed by the Vista Codec Package. It is fully uninstallable through the Windows interface. Windows 64 bit is required. This release will not install on a x86 systems. Change Info: - update LAV filters 59.1+ - update Gabest filters 4182 - update DirectVobSub 316 - update MediaInfo DLL 7.66
0/5 4,011 Jan 09, 2014
Armagetron Advanced
Armagetron Advanced "A Tron clone in 3D." This has been the tagline of Armagetron, since, well, a very long time, and is probably the shortest and most accurate description possible. Tron was an arcade game based on the movie of the same name, release by Disney in 1982. The original game consisted of 4 sub-games, the only one of concern is the 'Light Cycles' one, in which the player uses a left/right joystick to control a 'Light Cycle' which leaves a wall behind it wherever the cycle it goes, turning only at 90 degree angles. The player must then get the AI to crash into their wall while avoiding hitting the AI's own wall themselves. Those were the humble beginnings of Armagetron Advanced's game play, which has now blossomed into 16 player mayhem, with highly advanced AI, network game play, and of course all in a 3D environment. What's advanced? Armagetron Advanced is the continuation of Manual Moos', alias, z-man's original game, Armagetron. The project was officially registered June 2, 2004, but had it's foundings a month or two earlier than that, amid growing discontentment with several minor, fixable bugs. Tank Program started work on fixing some of them, and a little knwon special release, version, was made public. While it was never really successful, the fact that builds could be made for Windows, and the presence of qualified C++ programmers, spurred us onwards to creating the SourceForge project, and releasing When almost all hope of ever seeing z-man again was lost, he miraculously returned to the Armagetron scene, and has been with us since. We're now the official continuation of Armagetron, and things are rolling smoothly.
5/5 822 Aug 04, 2016
Armagetron Advanced Team - Advanced System Tweaker v2.0.0
==Official Mirror== - Advanced System Tweaker v2.0.0 - Advanced System Tweaker is a central hub for any kind of tweak or anything else that can be done via registry files, commands and vbscript files. The add-ons in the program allow it to grow and handle just about anything. The program has a direct link to search and find the growing list of add-ons. The program comes with 37+ add-ons already installed. Using the program is easy. Browse through the installed add-ons and runs the one you want. For a 1 click solution you can use Simple System Tweaker Unlike Simple System Tweaker, Advanced System Tweaker is add-on supported. So it has unlimited possibility. You also only run 1 tweak at a time. Changelog: v2.0.0 Major program change. In the previous versions you could only run 1 tweak at a time. Now you can select the tweaks you want first and then apply them all at once. Multiple code changes and some minor bug fixes. Added frame containers and lines to the add on creator for tweaks. v1.2.0 Fixed menu to backup and restore the registry not working. Updated the Optimize Registry (Compress) to use - Registry Compressor.
0/5 4,561 Dec 21, 2013
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