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Bforartists 3 v3.2.1
Bforartists 3 v3.2.1 All in one, Free and Open Source 3D creation What is Bforartists? Bforartists is a complete, free and open source 3D suite to create CG content. It offers you the full 3D art pipeline to create game graphics, pre-rendered movies and stills. From modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering, up to post processing. Bforartists stands for “Be For Artists”. A reminder to develop for the user, not the programmer. Bforartists is a fork of the popular open source 3D software Blender. Developed by some 3D enthusiasts to make Blender even better. The primary goal of the Bforartists fork is to deliver a refined graphical UI and a better usability. This means a complete switch in the usage philosophy away from the hotkey centered usage towards a user friendly and intuitive graphical UI. Bforartists is fully compatible with the Blender files and addons. Every feature that works in Blender should also work in Bforartists. Also, every release is always up to date with the newest Blender version. The toolset is the same. Where we differ the most is the GUI and the handling. You can switch from Blender to Bforartists to Blender without problems. You won’t loose anything. Why choose Bforartists, and not Blender? Because the UI is streamlined, cleaner, better organized, has colored icons, left aligned text, and much more of all those things that makes a good UI and the life easier. Bforartists is fully compatible with Blender. You can use both asides to make yourself a picture. The files are transferable. So try it, you loose nothing. For a deeper description of the differences have a look at the comparison page: The differences to Blender The main differences between Bforartists and Blender: An own keymap, which is reduced to just the necessary hotkeys and a navigation that can be purely done by ...
5/5 1,206 Jul 11, 2022
Bforartists Developers
Digital Paintball 3
Digital Paintball 3 Digital Paintball 3 is a first person shooter (FPS) game available on Web, PC, Mac and Linux. Conflate your love for simulated sport with adventure, and what you will get is the best 3D, digital paintball 3 video game of all times! You can enjoy endless hours of pure joy and an assured excitement that gradually mounts without leaving the sanctity of your home or braving the detestation of getting wet or dirty. The new online game that we have developed so punctiliously is sure to leave you regaling to the extent that you will soon be hooked to it. One of the fastest paced multiplayer digital paintball, Paint-ball Online is a super way to exercise your mental prowess, hand-eye coordination, concentration, Digital Paintball 3 Online analytical knack, quick decision-making capabilities, and of course, your love digital paintball 3 for the actual sport. Carry the power in your hand, register at our site and feel the blues blow away.
5/5 6,893 Aug 02, 2016
Digital Paintball
Flappy Bird 3 in 1
Flappy Bird 3 in 1 Are you Bored? Have nothing to do? Then just Download this game and try to make as much score as you can in this remake of Flappy Bird! Flappy Bird 3 in 1 is a Clone of the Original Flappy Bird which was made by .Gears Studio It has 3 Games Flappy Bird Farty Bird Coins and Bombs Farty Bird and Flappy Coins are not Real and made just for fun Controls Spacebar or Left Click Game made by Shayan Faysal Instructions: First, install the font given in this rar. Then, Just click on the flappybird3in1.exe and Enjoy! If the game is not running, disable your antivirus and play it. THIS GAME DOES NOT HAVE ANY VIRUS.
5/5 6,525 Mar 01, 2016
Pointing Magnifier 3 v3.2.2
Pointing Magnifier 3 v3.2.2 A free cursor replacement designed to reduce the need for fine motor control. Created by: Jacob O. Wobbrock, Ph.D. Leah Findlater, Ph.D. Alexis Hiniker, Ph.D. Alex Jansen University of Washington It is also useful in getting a close look at any region of the screen without losing the surrounding context, which has been useful to graphic designers and people with low vision. With the Pointing Magnifier, the usual mouse cursor is replaced by a semi-transparent circular "area cursor." When the user clicks, the area beneath this circular cursor becomes magnified, as if a lens. Once magnified, the typical mouse cursor arrow appears within the magnified lens, allowing for normal mouse operations, but now on much larger targets. The Pointing Magnifier supports all button-based actions: clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, dragging, and button dwelling, both on the cursor itself and within its magnified lens. It does not trigger mouse movement-based events—mouse over, mouse hover, mouse enter, or mouse leave—due to technical limitations. In version 3 of the Pointing Magnifier, the lens itself can be dragged. It can also be nudged with the arrow keys. In addition, it contains support for multi-monitor displays. The original Pointing Magnifier was developed in 2010-2011 by Alex Jansen, with lead designer Leah Findlater and supervised by Jacob O. Wobbrock. More than a decade later, numerous feature requests and design improvements have resulted in the creation of the Pointing Magnifier 3 by Jacob O. Wobbrock, with help from Alexis Hiniker. As of version 2, the Pointing Magnifier is a complete rebuild containing no code from version 1. See what's new. Comparison to Windows Magnifier How does the Pointing Magnifier compare to the built-in Windows Magnifier? Windows Magnifier has three modes: lens, docked, and full screen. All three are primarily directed towards people with low vision, as they each make some or all of the screen larger. ...
5/5 3,137 Jul 11, 2023
Dr. Jacob O. Wobbrock
Super Mega Man 3
Super Mega Man 3 In the year 20XX, the world is at peace, until Bass tries to change that! With 8 robots stolen from Dr. Wily, he attempts world domination! Dr. Wily, being out of house and robots (except Alto, his helper robot), he pleads for the assistance of Mega Man and Protoman to stop Bass's plans on world domination! Can Mega Man and Protoman defeat Bass and all eight robot masters? You decide, in Super Mega Man 3! Controls: in game: <Z> - jump <X> - shoot Hold <X> - charge <Left> - move left <Right> - move right <Up> - move up ladders <Down> - move down ladders <Down> + <Z> - slide <A> - Quick toggle left <S> - Quick toggle right <Enter> - Pause Menu in menu/stage select: <Shift> - Switch between characters on stage select <Enter/Z> - buy/start stage/go to selected room <X> - go back to menu F1 - 256 by 224 screen resolution F2 - 512 by 448 screen resolution F3 - 768 by 672 screen resolution F4 - 1024 by 896 screen resolution F5 - full screen mode F6 - Reset the game (in case it glitches up) Mega Man and all related content are owned and copyrighted by CAPCOM.
5/5 5,792 Mar 01, 2016
TAGAP 3 v2.6 (The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins)
TAGAP 3 v2.6 (The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins) 2006 – IAU ridicules Pluto by revoking its planetary status 2015 – NASA's New Horizons probe tries to spy on Pluto 20XX – Planet Pluto responds And that response is a declaration of war. The only thing standing in between the approaching space penguin army and the unsuspecting Earth is one cyber-penguin, Pablo. Of course, thanks to their Prophet, the Pluto Conclave knows this – and Pablo is thrown into a prison cell before he has any idea of what's going on. Now, stranded in a prison cell on an alien world, Pablo has to escape, save the world and somehow get back home. Oh, and in TAGAP 3 You are Pablo. Good luck! Key features Explore an alien world Pluto is a detailed world of alien penguins, deadly robots and bonkers plot developments. Colourful rogues gallery Pluto's rulers and their minions will stop at nothing to stop Pablo and everyone who dares to ally with him! Out-of-this-world arsenal Pablo has to assemble and master the use of a brand new arsenal of weapons; weaponise everything from MIRVs and auto-aiming bullets to metal scrap and theremin sound waves! TAGAP goes HD! TAGAP goes full HD with super-fast 3D accelerated 2D goodness, combined with high-quality audio and a massive, two-hour soundtrack of space funk! Expanded mod support Almost all objects that were hard-coded in the previous games are now modifiable via scripting. Characters: Pablo Pablo is a cyber-penguin genetically built from scratch, grown to be a combat expert and used in vile drug experiments. Instead of joining forces with his creator, the mad scientist Dr. Glowenko, Pablo used his powers for good. Indeed, ...
5/5 3,438 Nov 24, 2020
Jouni Lahtinen
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