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Last Update/Developer
IBM Rev 1.5 motherboard Drivers- Audio Driver
IBM Rev 1.5 motherboard Drivers- Audio Driver d64z28us.exe
5/5 14,610 Aug 02, 2009
IBM Rev 1.5 motherboard Drivers- Ethernet Driver
IBM Rev 1.5 motherboard Drivers- Ethernet Driver qh7z14us.exe
2/5 13,348 Aug 02, 2009
IBM Rev 1.5 motherboard Drivers- Video Driver
IBM Rev 1.5 motherboard Drivers- Video Driver e49z77us.exe
5/5 13,381 Aug 02, 2009
Java Open Chess 1.5
Java Open Chess 1.5 Java Open Chess is a project written in Java in NetBeans IDE. There is possibility to play for 2 players on local computers and via network connection. There is also an option to play versus quite weak computer opponent. Stronger computer opponents will be implemented soon. ATTENTION: Requires Java 1.8 or higher! Features 2 local players game 2 network players game (as client and as server) 1 player mode (versus CPU) Tabbed window - each game in separate tab Each tab can be both client and server in case of network game Save game in chess notation (in both PGN and FEN) Load game in chess notation (in both PGN and FEN) Game clock Chat during network game Partialy themable interface (chessboard and pieces) Move history with move back / move forward in local game and over internet Requires Java 1.8 or higher!
5/5 4,090 Feb 29, 2016
Mateusz Lach
MAC Address Scanner 1.5
MAC Address Scanner 1.5 MAC Address Scanner is the free desktop tool to remotely scan and find MAC Address of all systems on your local network. It allows you to scan either a single host or range of hosts at a time. During the scan, it displays the current status for each host. After the completion, you can generate detailed scan report in HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV format. Note that you can find MAC address for all systems within your subnet only. For all others, you will see the MAC address of the gateway or router. On certain secure WiFi configurations with MAC filtering enabled, this tool can help pentesters to find out active MAC addresses and then use them to connect to such wireless network. Being GUI based tool makes it very easy to use for all level of users including beginners. It is fully portable and works on all platforms. Features: Quickly find MAC address of all systems on the Network Scan single or multiple systems Ability to stop the scanning operation at any time Color based representation for successful and failed hosts Save the scan report to HTML/XML/TEXT/CSV file Free and easy to use tool with cool GUI interface Fully Portable and can be run on any Windows system Support for local Installation & Un-installation Change Info: New feature to generate MAC address scanner report in CSV (Comma-Seperated Values) File Format.
0/5 6,782 Jan 27, 2014
MRU-Blaster 1.5
MRU-Blaster 1.5 Protect your privacy, and keep your PC free from clutter. Find and remove over 30,000 MRU lists. MRU-Blaster is a program made to do one large task - detect and clean MRU (most recently used) lists on your computer. These MRU lists contain information such as the names and/or locations of the last files you have accessed. They are located ALL OVER your registry, and for almost ANY file type. By looking at these MRU lists, someone could determine what files you opened/saved/looked at, what their file names were, and much more! (And, in many cases, the lists are displayed in drop-down menus automatically.) With additional plug-ins that allow you to clean out your Temporary Internet Files and Cookies, MRU-Blaster enhances the protection of your privacy! Clean Up Clutter MRU-Blaster safely, efficiently, and rapidly handles cleaning up tens of thousands of "usage tracks" and other remnants that most programs leave behind. These remnants aren't just a potential privacy concern - they can clog up your registry, and take up valuable space on your hard drive. Windows as well as most third-party programs are culprits. And MRU-Blaster can detect and remove over 30,000 different MRUs and usage tracks. Securely Erase Browsing Tracks MRU-Blaster also supports secure removal of Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files (cache) and Cookies, with its built-in Plugins. The Internet Explorer cache alone can take up GB (gigabytes) of space on your hard drive. System Requirements MRU-Blaster works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.
5/5 3,386 Jan 27, 2017
Brightfort LLC
NetHotfixScanner 1.5
NetHotfixScanner 1.5 Network Hotfix Scanner is a free advanced hotfix check utility that scans network computers for missing hotfixes and patches, and helps you download and install them. NetHotfixScanner gives you a quick look at the hotfixes and patches installed or missed on any remote computer in your corporate network, it tells you by colored icons specific security bulletin rating ( critical, important, moderate ), title, description and bulletin URL. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.
5/5 7,340 Nov 15, 2019
Nsasoft LLC
Savage Wheels 1.5
Savage Wheels 1.5 Savage Wheels is a 2D car crashing arcade game, where up to 2 to 4 vehicles take part in a deadly tournament.The goal is to eliminate the other derby contestants. Players may choose from a variety of vehicles, each with it's unique characteristics like speed, acceleration, armor, damage and driver. Various bonuses may be collected during the match to increase the vehicle speed and damage or to repair it. Gameplay modes includes a campaign, hot-seat mode between two players or melee mode where other vehicles are controlled by fearsome game AI ;-). All vehicle drivers have their background stories, which are uncovered in the campaign mode. Player 1 Controls Arrow keys to move UP (accelerate) LEFT (turn left) RIGHT (turn right) DOWN (back gear) INSERT - place landmine (if available) BACKSPACE - initiate self destruction DELETE - honk Player 2 Controls R (accelerate) D (turn left) G (turn right) F (back gear) T (key)- place landmine (if available) V (key) - initiate self destruction Q (key) - honk Changelog: V1.5 Release * improved vehicle damage balancing. * changed all ingame sound effects. * changed sound support library. Game now uses FMod Ex sound library to play sound fx and music. * added Linux startup script - ''. * fixed crashes and game assets loading issues under 64-bit platforms. * minor fixes in game AI and physics that caused vehicles to stuck. * fixed bug that caused UI buttons to be constantly pressed. * fixed save/load game settings for 64-bit platforms. * fixed a minor ...
5/5 3,530 Sep 27, 2016
TCP/IP Port Scanner 1.5
TCP/IP Port Scanner 1.5 Tcp Port Scanner is the software that helps to find TCP/IP opened ports. It can scan up to 10,000 ports per second. License: Freeware. Installation and use: 1) You must have administrator privileges 2) Install "Tcp Port Scanner\WinPcap\WinPcap.exe" 3) Run "Tcp Port Scanner\Bin\TcpScanner.exe" Attention: The Program does not work with PPP/PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP connection directly (Modem, ADSL, WiFi, VPN) . You need to install the router and configure it for PPP/PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP connection, then connect computer to router by network cable. If program does not work or work very slow, then you must disable all firewalls, antiviruses and ndis filters.
5/5 3,897 May 04, 2016
S.K. Software
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