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Last Update/Developer
MX Linux – Xfce v21.1
MX Linux – Xfce v21.1 MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and MX Linux communities. It is a family of operating systems (This download is the version with the Xfce desktop) that are designed to combine elegant and efficient desktops with high stability and solid performance. MX’s graphical tools provide an easy way to do a wide variety of tasks, while the Live USB and snapshot tools inherited from antiX add impressive portability and remastering capabilities. Extensive support is available through videos, documentation and a very friendly forum. MX Linux – Xfce is the flagship. It is a midweight desktop environment that aims to be fast and low-resource, while still being attractive and user-friendly. It augments the native Xfce configuration with unique features: Modular core components for the full functionality expected from a modern desktop environment. A collection of powerful and handy “MX Tools” that cover a range of actions from Boot Options to Repository management. A fast Package Installer covering Popular Applications, MX Test Repo, Debian Backports and Flatpaks. An extensive collection of wallpapers, themes, conkies and icon sets for customization. Usage and Install Videos General Disk manager: a gui for /etc/fstab Booting systemd on MX Linux (using mx-boot-options tool) MX Linux: Conkies and Colors Running snap packages on MX Linux Make a full-featured antiX/MX live-usb MX-21 Live boot menu overview Comparing ram and cpu usage of antiX and MX-21 on low spec hardware MX-21 Kernel management Introducing MX 21 Do a “Regular” install of MX-21 Installing MX-21 with custom partition options ...
5/5 1,114 Aug 23, 2022
MX Linux and antiX Communities
nomacs – Image Lounge v3.12.1
nomacs – Image Lounge v3.12.1 nomacs is a free, open source image viewer, which supports multiple platforms. You can use it for viewing all common image formats including RAW and psd images. nomacs features semi-transparent widgets that display additional information such as thumbnails, metadata or histogram. It is able to browse images in zip or MS Office files which can be extracted to a directory. Metadata stored with the image can be displayed and you can add notes to images. A thumbnail preview of the current folder is included as well as a file explorer panel which allows switching between folders. Within a directory you can apply a file filter, so that only images are displayed whose filenames have a certain string or match a regular expression. Activating the cache allows for instantly switching between images. nomacs includes image manipulation methods for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma, exposure. It has a pseudo color function which allows creating false color images. A unique feature of nomacs is the synchronization of multiple instances. With this feature you can easily compare images by zooming and/or panning at the exactly same position or even by overlaying them with different opacity. nomacs is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 and available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac, and OS/2. It is free for private and commercial use. Changes: nomacs 3.12 nomacs 3.12 ships with a new icon theme, an improved dark theme, and speed-ups. Here are some other things that changed: recent files panel renewed new icon theme improved drag&drop of thumbnail preview (copy/move/link) editable zoom levels fill transparent background with a color added LAN client removed batch: original filename is added to the metadata ...
5/5 3,046 Dec 31, 2019
Stefan Fiel, Markus Diem, Florian Kleber
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