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KillEmAll (command line) v21.11.12.1
KillEmAll (command line) v21.11.12.1 KillEmAll is a ‘panic‘ button with an ‘ask questions later‘ attitude, designed to identify and terminate all non-essential running programs. Great for quickly closing unwanted apps, system inspection, and even malware removal! Why Use It? The best usage case for KillEmAll to most users is to close all open web browser windows if you get a suspected malicious popup while visiting a website. The the reason you don’t simply close or “X out” the popup is because malicious code can be run even if you click the X button — it is after all just another button, you might as well be clicking “OK” or “Yes, please do what you want with my PC…” but if you don’t click anything and KillEmAll does the work, forcing the application’s process to close without any additional code execution. Other tasks that benefit from the advantage of quickly and forcefully closing all applications: before performing maintenance on your PC, before and during general troubleshooting, or before playing resource intensive games. General Usage: Simply run the .exe (from anywhere, even a flash drive or network path) and then press a key to terminate unnecessary programs running under any standard user account, or alternately you can press ‘D‘ for Debug mode (more on that below.) If your Windows is configured with UAC enabled (default) then you can right-click and choose Run as Administrator to kill all other programs running under an Administrator/System account. If started via Windows Explorer, KillEmAll will display a ‘press any key to exit’ prompt when completed, giving you the option to press ‘L‘ to generate a log file. When started from a console window you ...
5/5 2,729 Nov 19, 2021
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