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File - Download Deskreen v2.0.4

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Deskreen v2.0.4

Turn any device into a secondary screen for your computer.

Deskreen is a desktop app that turns any device with a web browser into a secondary screen for your computer over WiFi. Deskreen can be used to mirror entire computer display onto any device screen that has a web browser. Also you can limit Deskreen to select only one application window view to share - very useful for presentation purposes. The best feature of Deskreen is to use any device as a secondary screen. To have a true extended desktop experience Deskreen should be used with Virtual Display Adapter. Also with no need for Virtual Display Adapter you can have a teleprompter with Deskreen using your tablet or smartphone, for that Deskreen has Flip Screen Mode that mirrors computer screen in web browser of your tablet (aka. flip screen horizontally).


Second Screen
Use any device with a web browser as a second screen for your computer (with the help of Virtual Display Adapter).

Share Screen View
Share your computer entire screen to any device that has a web browser.

Share App View
Limit Deskreen to share only a single application view to any device with a web browser.

Teleprompter on Any Device
If you are a video blogger and you need a teleprompter, or you need to look at the camera during a video conference, Flip Screen Mode is just for you

WiFi Compatible
Deskreen can share screen video over WiFi. No cables needed.

Multiple Connected Devices
Connect as many devices as you want at the same time. Share computer screen to all of them.

Advanced Video Quality Control
You can change picture quality while sharing a screen. Auto quality change supported.

Easy to Use
Three easy steps to connect with Deskreen. User friendly design with features that you need.

Deskreen was built with security in mind. It uses an industry standard of End-to-end encryption.

Depending on your WiFi speed Deskreen works fast providing you with a good user experience.

System Requirements for Deskreen

Operating System:
Windows, Linux, MacOS

Available Disk Space:

250MB on average to run app with one screen sharing session. Every new screen sharing session will need upto 100MB of extra memory on average for smooth performance.

CPU (Windows):
any modern dual core CPU, weaker CPUs may have performance problems with current version on Windows. We are going to fix it in future.

CPU (MacOS):
any modern CPU

CPU (Linux):
any modern CPU, even supports 1 core ARM, such as Raspberry PI

Virtual Display Adapter:
(aka. Ghost or Virtual Display Plug or Display Dummy Plug)
You can buy Virtual Display Adapters on Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay etc.


Second Screen with Deskreen Using Virtual Display Adapter:

How to use Deskreen

NOTE: Deskreen shares your computer screen to a web browser. That means ANY device with a web browser, such as - phone, tablet, other computer or even smart TV, can be used to extend your computer screen while you are using Deskreen. ALSO you can connect as many devices as you want! (phones, tablets, other computers, smart TVs etc.)


When you have your computer with Deskreen running - Scan QR code with a tablet or phone, or type in web browser address bar manually what you see in blue button under the QR code. That will open a page on your tablet with connection status.

Click on QR code to make it bigger if your camera cant recognize a small a QR code

If you don't have a camera to scan a QR code, click on blue button below QR code to copy address to clipboard. Then you can share copied address and paste it to web browser address bar to open Deskreen viewer. You can also type the address in blue button manually in browser address bar on any device to open Deskreen Viewer.

When you follow a link by QR code, or typing it manually in browser address bar, you will see message box like below. The address highlighted in green should match with what you see on your computer Deskreen app and device you try to connect with (eg. phone, tablet). If adresses match, then you can click Allow button. This will lead you to step two.


When you clicked 'Allow' button, you will be asked to choose what screen source you want to share. You will be prompted to select one of two options: Share Entire Screen or Share Application Window. Like in an image below.

STEP TWO (a): Application Window Sharing

When you click on Application Window Button you can select what app window to share like in image below. Click on app window preview box and you will proceed to step three.

STEP TWO (b): Entire Screen Sharing (Mirror Screen and Second Screen Use Cases)

If you want to share entire screen click on 'Entire Screen' button. You can choose to share entire screen when you need to mirror entire screen or use it as second screen, when Virtual Display Adapter is connected. Click on preview box and you will proceed to step 3.


This is a final step. Here you just double check, to make sure everything as you wanted. If you've changed your mind, you can go back, or even disconnect a device by clicking 'Connected' green button, a connection info menu will open with 'Disconnect' button that you can click to disconnect device.


After all done you will see 'Done!' message, and you can repeat this procedure to connect one more device.

You will be able to view your computer screen in a web browser on other device. You can see example of application window sharing in the image below.

Connected Devices Panel

By clicking blue 'Connected Devices' button in top bar the panel will open where you will be able to disconnect one or all connected devices. In case of emergency, just quit Deskreen app, and all screen sharing sessions will stop immediately.

Flip Screen Mode

Here is a demonstration of how Flip Screen Mode works. Useful when using a teleprompter.

Requirements and Permissions for Deskreen app

MacOS Permission to allow Deskreen to record screen

Deskreen works via screen recording technology to live stream screen picture to your tablet, phone. So you will have to provide a Screen Recording Permission for Deskreen on MacOS in order to allow Deskreen to access your screen.

Screen Recording Permission on MacOS is in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Screen Recording

Windows Permission to allow Deskreen to access Local and Public Networks

Windows users need to add 'Private Network Access' for Deskreen on first start or in firewall settings

Firewalls, antivirus etc.

Deskreen is not yet code signed. That means your antivirus will complain when you run it for the first time. Code signing costs money. Please donate so we raise funds for making and keeping Deskreen code signed. You shold treat Deskreen as an exception for your malware protection software. Also Firewalls both on your computer and WiFi router should not be blocking any Deskreen network access and activity. Otherwise Deskreen may not work smooth as expected.

This download is for the Windows installer. All other download assets are below:




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