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File - Download Arena Chess GUI v3.5.1

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Arena Chess GUI v3.5.1

Arena is a free Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess. Arena helps you in analyzing and playing games as well as in testing chess engines. It runs on Linux or Windows. Arena is compatible to UCI and Winboard protocols. Furthermore, Arena supports Chess960, DGT electronic chess boards & DGT clocks and much more.


Use Arena for playing games against chess engines, analyzing games or positions, and testing chess engines.
Arena has an easy-to-use and configurable interface. Adjust Arena according to your personal preferences.
Arena supports the protocols UCI and Winboard for the communication between GUI and Engine.
Nearly all Winboard and UCI chess engines run under Arena. Strengths vary from very strong to weak, some have adjustable strength.
For an easy start, some engines are bundled with Arena setup or zip file and are installed automatically.
Detailed information: The analysis lines tell everything about the thinking process of the chess engines.
Unique tournament features: Find out, how the chess engines compete against each other.
You can analyse games automatically.
Arena supports Gaviota tablebases for endgame analysis.
Analyse position databases (EPD).
Replay, search and filter game databases (PGN).
Support of the DGT Chessboard for the game with real pieces: Connect the electronic DGT Chessboard to your computer and play a real competetive game against an engine.
Support of the Novag Citrine Chess computer to play with real pieces (Windows).
Arena can display the opening name, can use opening books, Chess960, analysis board, etc. etc...

This is mainly a bugfix release. Most important changes compared to last public version 3.5.1:

Issues with large fonts or large caption bars fixed (Engine Management, Search)
Dual monitor support improved: Maximizing to secondary monitor now works
Tournament with ponder on does no longer halt if engine is resigning
Tournament with ponder on: Arena book moves during pondering no longer lead to game abort
Tournament with ponder on: Possible truncated principal variations and invalid moveerror messages in log removed
Arena restarts in tournaments now always after at 20 games or less
Tournament dialogue: Set filenames button takes path of .at-file into account
Linux/Mac: Wine support improved: Redrawing is now clean
Scroll Mainlines horizontally with Shift+Ctrl+Mousewheel
Gaviota tablebase engine updated
engines.ini updated
Rare castling bug in Chess 960 removed: If a rook is captured and then replaced by the other rook, it was falsely allowed to castle
Variation board: Engine's refutation moves now correctly marked in list
Variation board: Mouse wheel now always goes through moves, shift+mouse wheel scrolls list
DGT: Move display on DGT clock time was too short in some cases
DGT board: If position on DGT board is the same as in Arena, you can continue game, the board is not automatically cleared
Marks with very thick frames on board can no longer exceed square
Optimizations for very small board sizes

GUI Translations for Arena 3.5+3.5.1
German and English is included in the Arena setups and zip downloads.

2014-01-05 by Pascal Golay (Switzerland)
2014-01-05 by Emil Vlas√°k (Czech Rep.)
2014-01-21 by Robert Gierach (Poland)
2014-03-16 by Harold Roig (Catalonia)
2014-03-16 by Adolfo Zaragoz√° (Spain)
2014-03-16 by Hans Eriksson (Sweden)
2014-03-16 by Ivo Fasiori (Italy)
2014-01-20 French Help File Translation by Patrice DAVID (France) for Arena 3.5+3.5.1

This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux version, download here.
Continue below to download this file.

Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
1,049 1,956 Martin Blume <img src=" Chess GUI1_th.png"border="0"> Apr 30, 2021 - 11:49 3.5.1 17.36MB ZIP 5/5, out of 8 Votes.
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