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File - Download PEAnatomist v0.2

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PEAnatomist v0.2

Want to look inside PE format?

The free PEAnatomist utility supports almost all known and some undocumented structures inside MS PortableExecutable files (EXE, DLL, SYS and the like), LIB files and object files in COFF, MSVC CxxIL and ExtendedObj formats, and also performs simple analysis of the received data.

File Formats
• PE32
• PE32+
• COFF Object File
• MSVC IntermediateLanguage AnonCOFF Object File (MSVC CxxIL)
• ExtendedObj (BIGobj)
• Objects Library
• DBG Stripped Debug Information
• MS PDB (Program Database), MSF v7

PE Image Architectures
• Intel x86
• AMD64
• ARM7
• ARM7 Thumb
• ARM8-64
• Intel IA64
• Hybrid (CHPE, ARM64X, ARM64EC)

A little of supported headers and data structures
• PE: IMAGE_DOS_HEADER, IMAGE_FILE_HEADER, IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER, IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER64 and the DataDirectories List with additional information about some fields
• PE: Table of COFF symbols
• PE: Sections table, supporting long section names (via symbols table) and entropy calculating
• PE: Import table (supports MS-styled names demangling)
• PE: Bound Import Table
• PE: Delayed Import Table
• PE: Export Table with additional info
• PE: Resource Table with additional info about different resource types and detailed view for all types
• PE: Base Relocation Table. Target address determining and interpretation available for all supporting architectures. It detects imports, delayed imports, exports, tables from loadconfig directory, ANSI and UNICODE strings.
• PE: Brief info about PE Authenticode Signature
• PE: LoadConfig Directory with SEH, GFID, decoded CFG bitmap, GIAT, CFG LongJumps, CHPE Metadata, ARM64X Metadata, Dynamic Value Reloc Table, Enclave Configuration, Volatile Metadata, CFG EH Continuations tables parsing and additional information about some fields
• PE: Hybrid PE (ARM64X) Export, Import, DelayImport tables
• PE: Debug Directory. It parses contents of CODEVIEW, POGO, BBT, VC FEATURE, REPRO, FPO, EXDLL CHARACTERISTICS, SPGO debug types
• PE: TLS config and callbacks table with additional information about some fields
• PE: Exceptions Data Table. x64 (including version 2 with EPILOG unwind codes), arm, arm64, ia64 architectures are support, as well as chain of unwind data for x64, language-specific handler data (C Scope, C++ FuncInfo, C++ EH4, C++ DWARF LSDA) and hexadecimal view of unwind data
• PE: COM Descriptor directory pasring: headers, tables and metadata info available. Some of NGEN and ReadyToRun headers are also included
• PE: Decode Rich signature indicating the tool used, the action being taken, the full version of the tool, and the version of VisualStudio to which the tool belongs
• PE: IAT table contents
• PE: VB5 and VB6 typical structures: project info, DLLCall-imports, referenced modules, object table
• PE: Detecting an ANSI and Unicode encoded strings
• PE: Plotting entropy
• OBJ: COFF symbol table with decoding and @feat.00, as well as auxiliary symbols
• OBJ: Section table and relocations for the selected section
• OBJ: Exceptions Data Table. x64 (including version 2 with EPILOG unwind codes), arm, arm64, ia64 architectures are support, as well as chain of unwind data for x64
• OBJ: Functions xFG-hash values table
• OBJ: Volatile Metadata information decoding
• OBJ: Table of CodeView Debug Symbols
• OBJ: Table of CodeView Types
• OBJ: Table of MSVC CxxIL Types (.cil$db)
• OBJ: Table of MSVC CxxIL Global Symbols (.cil$gl)
• OBJ: Table of MSVC CxxIL Local Symbols (.cil$sy)
• LIB: List of archive members
• LIB: The first and second (if available) linker members
• LIB: Summary table of import elements IMPORT_OBJECT_HEADER, if any
• DBG: Table of COFF symbols
• DBG: Debug directory with more information about CODEVIEW, FPO, EXCEPTION, FIXUP, OMAP2SRC, SRC2OMAP contents
• DBG: Table of CodeView Debug Symbols
• DBG: Table of CodeView Types
• PDB: List of MSF streams with a brief description of characteristics and content
• PDB: PDB, TPI, DBI, IPI stream headers
• PDB: CodeView type tables from TPI and IPI streams
• PDB: Codeview symbol tables from GSI, Publics, ModI streams
• PDB: Subsections of the DBI stream: list of streams, information about the content of the PE sections, information about the source files of the modules
• PDB: Debug directory with additional information about the contents of FPO, EXCEPTION, FIXUP, OMAP2SRC, SRC2OMAP, sections, FRAMEDATA and original sections

ZIP-file hash:
MD5: BBADE2605B60B78D948CFC62F603C6D3
SHA1: C43FFB43C7752CA9C244B3414377F3B697A3244A
SHA256: DA42E181C437B1EBD75DB2D646046AA1F58B5FF8411DDBECB13E446852B14FFD

This tool was designed to be used with:
Windows XP SP3 (x86), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, ReactOS 0.4 and newer

0.2.12224.1953 (2023-10-24)
12224.1254: Fixed buffer overflow when copying lines containing RVA descriptions for methods from the READYTORUN_SECTION_INSTANCE_METHOD_ENTRYPOINTS table to the clipboard
12224.1538: Fixed a bug in copying lines containing RVA descriptions for .net metadata tokens, Ready2Run and .net method and type signatures to the clipboard

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
3,687 7,166 RamMerLabs <img src=""border="0"> Nov 09, 2023 - 12:42 0.2.12224.1953 252.8KB ZIP 5/5, out of 31 Votes.
File Tags
v0.2  PEAnatomist  
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