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Light Alloy v4.10.2

Light Alloy is a free, portable and very customizable multimedia player for Windows. It starts extremely fast and uses very little system resources. It's also an Internet Radio player (must have IceCast installed).


So you can see graphically how much is played and how much is still to play

Built-in codecs

You don't have to install a codec pack anymore: you can use the player immediately after installation

Live Preview

Just like on YouTube you can navigate with a preview window while searching on the timeline

IPTV support

Allows you to watch tv over the internet and online videos like youtube

Internet Radio

Contains an expandable list of online radio stations which you can play and record, and a list to store your favorites

Streams switch

In case of multiple audio/subtitles streams you can easily switch from stream


Contains Dutch, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and others

Blu-Ray & DVD

You also can watch Blu-Rays and DVDs with Light Alloy, but only if they are not encrypted

Light Alloy 4.10.2 (build 3317)


Support for changing window size by Win key + directional keys.

If you need to play a file with unknown extension, but you don't want to change a setting that allows it globally for all files, now you can easily drag'n'drop such file (but only one!) and player will try to play it.

Playlist's the "+" button popup menu: added "Add files with only known extensions" option to be quickly accessed without need to go into Preferences->Playlist.

Display in player caption current scheduler power off time, if any.

Added hidden setting: Core.HighPriority (allows you to set High Priority for Light Alloy process)

Added hidden setting: OnDone.UnLoadLastFile (allows you to always unload last, or just alone, played file in playlist instead of default action - displaying last frame)

Do not try to play anything if add/dragndrop to playlist/videopanel is failed (for example, in case of broken CUE playlist is given)

Extended Open Dialog:
+ ability to open favorites by hotkey Ctrl+F.
+ favorites: highlight item in list if you already in this folder.
+ favorites: enumerate list.
+ favorites: ability to quickly open item in favorites list by 1-9 keys on keyboard.
= optimized Add Folder
- favorites: fixed issue with Enter hotkey on selected item (produced file playback instead of just Go to Favorite folder)
- fixed some issues with navigation (for example, the "<" button wasn't working if navigation history was empty, now it just keep going backward through path)
- fixed crash

Preferences->View->Appearance: corrected title/description for "Add chapters from files on timeline and to playlist as bookmarks" option, and option below it also got corrected title.

Preferences->View->Appearance: "Add chapters from files on timeline and to playlist as bookmarks" didn't worked correctly - it suppose to hide marks on timeline if disabled, but it didn't.

Preferences->Events: an option "on playback end - switch to windowed mode" worked incorrectly.

Preferences->File Types: fixed issues in association process under Windows 10.

Player appeared on taskbar in some cases, even if "only in tray" is set.

Next OSD after Info Line OSD wasn't erased correctly for MadVR

Player windowed size/position wasn't remembered in all cases, especially in cases like when "On Start - Switch to Fullscreen" was set.

Fixed crash with malformed CUE playlist.

Fixed a few issues with remembering panels state modes.

Fixed a few issues with On Top and child forms.

Fixed a few issues with maximized window state.

Fixed issues with window position when it became behind taskbar (if it was at top or at left) when hotkeys Alt+3/4 (Scale Change) were used

A few cosmetic fixes.

Video Engine:
No changes

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
63 174 Vortex Team <img src=""border="0"> Jun 27, 2019 - 09:19 4.10.2 11.24MB 7Z 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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Light  Alloy  v4.10.2  

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