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JSONedit v0.9.31
JSONedit is a simple JSON editor with text, tree and list view. Complete application (single executable file) weights about 2 MB (statically linked Lua and Scintilla included), does not require installation and does not depend on any non-standard dll. Settings are stored in .ini file created in application directory, so you can call it portable.

Limitations: no Unicode support. Keep in mind that UTF-8 text with characters limited to 0x00 to 0x7F codes (7-bit) is equivalent to ASCII. Also, if you're using additional characters from single codepage only (your Windows default), then external to/from Unicode converter might come to help. Note: UTF-8 support is present in test version 0.10.

With some limitations program runs under Linux + WINE. Tested JSONedit 0.8 under WINE 1.3 cannot edit large files (very slow operations comparing to Windows) and has problems with immediate tree redrawing when i.e. cloning node multiple times. WINE 1.6.2 seems to work slightly better.

License: freeware (free as in beer).

2018.10.17 Version 0.9.31

FIXED: if change made with in-line editing in tree (F4) was confirmed - displayed node text was missing node name
FIXED: if Delete key was pressed when using in-line editor in tree or list mode - whole node was deleted
FIXED: Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V is now working inside in-line editor and filter field in list view
dialogs requesting changing parent type to object/array for tree and list view can be closed with Esc
JSON writer: lowered printing precision for double from 16 to 15 digits (roundtrip fail for e.g. value = 79.9)
added option for UTF-8 to ANSI conversion (file loading) and ANSI to UTF-8 (file saving) - this would be valid for editing UTF-8 files with characters limited to current windows code page, i.e. single language
added decoding \uXXXX UTF codepoints to ANSI if option for UTF-8 to ANSI conversion is used
added option to add scrollbars to node value edit field
added splitter between control groups for editing node value and for editing node comments

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339 522 Tomasz Ostrowski <img src=""border="0"> Oct 18, 2018 - 11:06 0.9.31 1.17MB ZIP 5/5, out of 7 Votes.
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JSONedit  v0.9.31  

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