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File - Download System Spec v3.11

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System Spec v3.11

A Portable Freeware System Information Utility.

System Spec gives you a complete specification and system information of your PC. This includes hardware, software and settings.

What is System Spec ?

System Spec is a freeware system information utility that produces a specification of your system's hardware and software.

With System Spec you can see, save and print a complete spec of your PC. This standalone, system information utility can also perform various windows functions. Additional advanced info includes CPU, drives, applications, display, memory, networking, internet, CD / DVD drives and more.

Running System Spec

Make sure you have Administrator access when running System Spec because many items of system information require local administrator access rights for them to be retrieved. If you are not logged onto to Windows as Administrator or an account with administrator access, you can run as administrator by right clicking on of the SysSpec.exe and selecting the option.

CPU Information
CPU Features

3D Now! extensions
Enhanced 3D Now! extensions
Enhanced MMX extensions
SIMD instructions
FXSAVE/FXRSTOR instruction
MMX extensions
Serial number
36bit Page Size extension
Page Attribute Table
CMOVcc(+FCMOVcc/F(U)COMI(P) opcodes
Machine Check Architecture
Page Global Extension
Memory Type Range Registers
Processor contains an enable APIC
CMPXCHG8B instruction
Machine Check Exception
Physical Address Extension
Model Specific Registers
Time Stamp Counter
Page Size Extension
Debugging Extension
Virtual Mode Extension
Built-In FPU

The following are given about your CPU.

CPU Brand
CPU Chip
CPU Family
CPU Model
CPU Stepping
Device ID
Code Name
Serial Number
Processor ID
External Clock Speed
Current Voltage
Max Clock Speed
Socket Designation
Data Width
L2 Cache Size
L2 Cache Speed

Below is the recently modified CPU Meters screen.

Drive Information.

SMART information is available on newer hard disks. It provides useful information and status of the hard disk. I think the most useful information it provides is the hard disk's temperature. The temperature is important because a hard disk can fail or a least become unreliable if it's temperature exceeds a certain value.

Note: SMART information is not currently available on Windows 7.
About System Spec

System Spec is a self contained standalone EXE which can be run without installing. It lists a specification of your Windows PC without listing lots of useless memory address and unnecessary information.

This utility can be used for comparing the specifications of different machines. The spec can be outputted to a text file or printed to a report.

In this new version the spec can be saved to a CSV file so that it can be opened in programs such as Excel.
Export to HTML

As well as export to CSV System Spec can now export the system information displayed on the main system to a HTML file. This HTML file can then be uploaded to your website to show off your PC's Spec. To export to HTML go to File - Export to HTML. The HTML output looks like the main screen and report. Click here to see an example of the HTML output.

Windows function such as shutting down and run can be performed from the System menu. The Control Panel menu allows you to quickly open items from the Control Panel.
Run in Silent Mode

Silent mode allows it to be called from a batch file or login script to produce a spec to a text file without having to use the user interface.

Command line:-
SysSpec.exe /auto c:\details.txt

Note: Only the information from the main page is saved.

The specification can be printed as a report, copied to the clipboard and save to a text file or CSV file.
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3,946 6,197 Alex Nolan <img src=""border="0"> Oct 03, 2019 - 10:58 3.11 974.3KB ZIP 5/5, out of 41 Votes.
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