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Xenu's Link Sleuth v1.3.9

Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It displays a continously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time.

Additional features:

Simple, no-frills user-interface
Can re-check broken links (useful for temporary network errors)
Simple report format, can also be e-mailed
Executable file smaller than 1MB
Supports SSL websites ("https:// ")
Partial testing of ftp, gopher and mail URLs
Detects and reports redirected URLs
Site Map

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, WININET.DLL required (included with Internet Explorer).

Getting started:
Unzip it and install it wherever you want. To check a site, click the toolbar icon on the left and enter a WWW address. If the address finishes with a directory name, don't forget to put a / at the end or you will possibly get the whole parent directory spidered.



You can also click the "browse" button to check a local HTML file. If you do not already use IE for browsing and are sitting behind a company firewall, don't forget to configure your proxy before you start. If you are using a personal firewall (like ZoneAlarm or Outpost) you must enable Microsoft Internet Explorer by starting it, entering a URL and then "allowing" the application (you may also have to enable Xenu - see example for Norton Intenet Security). To find out what the software can do, simply try out the menu choices, the toolbar and the right mouse key.

Changelog: 1.3.9

Major improvements:
16.4.2011-25.4.2011: Output duplicate content, title, description in the "Statistics for managers" section
29.7.2017: tree view of sizemap thanks to Ross Angus

Minor improvements:
4.9.2010: excludeMSO behaviour without "/" now
6.9.2010: remove "reset entry" from context menu when inactive
7.9.2010: ContextMenuManager for VS2010
29.9.2010: Report: "List of valid *internal* URLs you can submit to a search engine"
12.10.2010: If-Modified-Since option in .INI file
18.10.2010: Max depth to 9999 instead of 999
23.11.2010: clarify include/exclude text for wildcard version
30.12.2010: don't open in internet archive etc when URL from internet archive
1.3.2011: remove percents for URLs in properties dialog
3.3.2011: remove percents in URLs in report
9.4.2011: -post querystring for command line version
15.4.2011: Keywords meta tag column (absolutely useless for google & co, but people believe in it)
14.5.2011: Skip ldap:
16.5.2011: about box with "FAQ" instead of "Click me", corrected main window title
21.5.2011: added pdf,word,rtf,ppt to google sitemap
21.5.2011: Referer option in .INI file
23.5.2011: Autosave every 60 seconds with Restart Manager
(VS2010 only)
24.5.2011: Show indices, show backlinks in context menu
24.5.2011: CheckDoubleSlash option in .INI file (default is 1)
28.5.2011: Added conversion for international domains like https://www.skærbæ
thanks to:
10.6.2011: improve recognition of known file types before access, add .js type to prevent Log4J deadlock
for /Context/faces/javax.faces.resource/jsf.js?ln=javax.faces
16.8.2011: skip "tel:" URLs
27.9.2011: new command line option -google for google sitemaps
5.10.2011: removed international domains change, might be buggy
21.2.2012: changed charset parsing for HTML5 syntax
3.3.2012: skip data:, see
1.5.2012: remove ./ from begin prior calling InternetCombineUrl()
1.5.2012: support multiple applet archives
however, this would result in broken links, for not knowing the correct jar file to search the class
thus, when having more than 1 jar files int he ARCHIVE, the .class from CODE won't be checked,
to avoid getting "red" (see also 16.1.2010)
8.7.2012: normal documents also in sitemap
13.7.2012: add docx xlsx pptx to list of URLs for which HTTP HEAD is done even if internal
23.7.2012: add docm xlsm pptm to list of URLs for which HTTP HEAD is done even if internal, also MIME types to sitemap
17.8.2012: reactivate LINKTEXT option
1.9.2012: add broken target URL in redirection report (like its done for loops)
16.10.2012: skip "steam:" URLs
11.11.2012: changed export pagemap, cols LinkToPageStatusCode LinkToPageStatusText instead of LinkToPageStatus (which had just the text)
27.6.2013: remove sessionid with [Options] SessionIdRegEx="(http.+);jsessionid=[a-zA-Z0-9]*(.*)"
10.8.2013: show version in title bar
30.8.2013: support gzip content encoding
27.2.2014: option "-retrybroken" for cmdline
20.7.2014: ALT-R shortcut for reset entry context menu item
14.9.2014: don't select visible elements for new thread if they're in retry
3.10.2014: new prop dialogbox, with listboxes instead of edit fields
4.12.2016: ignore link dns-prefetch

Bug fixes:
10.9.2010: process CSS comments
5.10.2010: remove quotes for charset component in HTTP header from nginx
14.10.2010: mtime, not ctime for local files
7.11.2010: Unicode comparison for local orphan search
26.2.2011: flag ICU_NO_ENCODE in AfxParseURLEx() because of bug on hebrew systems / in Israel with
"tav" character in URL
28.2.2011: repaint visible line if charset changed
3.3.2011: handle &#nnnn; and &#xnnnn; as unicode in ProcessLink() and others
3.3.2011: don't set charset for redirections
4.3.2011: &#xnnnn; handling for anchors
8.3.2011: can now check mail domains with no MX record, but with A record
14.3.2011: corrected license text
14.5.2011: later read jar contents marked as InJar; exclude paths of these from orphan check
14.5.2011: Fixed abort box for local orphan search
16.5.2011: Fixed toolbar gripper paint problem in XP
19.5.2011: Convert ISO-8859-1 (CP1252) when outputting text in report (sitemap of )
(partial rollback of change from 15.3.2010)
19.5.2011: "List of valid internal URLs" only internals, not externals
21.5.2011: fixed problems with URLs from local or CP1252 pages:
removed vAmp2Ansi() out of vNormalizeURL(); csGetPrintText() called also if CP0 or CP1252
vAmp2Ansi() instead of vNumAmp2Ansi() in bProcessLink()
DrawItem(): also when no CP or CP1252
dito for open temp or local file, always assume UTF8
dito for OnPropertiesLaunch(), vLaunchURL(), vShellLaunchURL(), vShowProps(), OnEditCopy()
iUrlCmp() assumes UTF8
(Assumption: URLs are always written in the charset that is defined for the page)
21.5.2011: always assign charset even if there is already one defined
23.5.2011: don't get charset from headers when HTTP HEAD request, keep caller charset instead, so that link titles are displayed correctly
23.5.2011: vNormalizeURL(): remove percents before further processing if not UTF8
28.5.2011: do set charset for redirections (revert of 3.3.2011), reason:
redirection of https://www.skærbæ to https://www.skærbæ would fail without it
downside: a previous title (from link text) will display improperly
1.12.2011: fixed bug with files with @ in CSS styles
14.8.2012: convert to non UTF8 codepage before calling InternetCombineUrl()
(problem if relative linking from directory with utf8 special char to something)
18.8.2012: Problem with special char in CP1252 page URL => don't convert, except when file:// URL
14.11.2012: Convert include/excludes to lower case if set in the advanced options dialog
24.11.2012: "Content-Encoding: " not supported error
6.2.2012: removed leftover debug message from 14.11.2012
11.3.2013: convert to lower case only if internal and not external; however the internal check needs the conversion for the test (cat is biting its tail)
check only done in CXenuDoc::AddUrl
27.3.2013: remove Ansi2EntityEscaped for titles and linktext
28.3.2013: convert characters >80H to %XX, for "international" URLs now also in AfxMyParseUrl and in bProcessUrl
(Problems in China with )
3.4.2013: use strstr() instead of CString::Find() because of problems in China with titles
21.5.2013: removed static root domain variable in bIncluded() (for domainmatch feature)
14.6.2013: removed "by user" from about msg
8.7.2013: cut off data: URLs at 1024, because of microsoft parsing error
2.9.2013: ignore base href that doesn't start with http:// or https://
14.9.2013: Invalidate in ResetEntry
14.9.2013: put back Ansi2EntityEscaped for linktext
22.11.2013: remove yahoo siteexplorer backlink launch, added for backlinks
24.12.2013: fixed NULL return for CXenuDoc::AddUrl(), only relevant for IGNORETITLES compile option
26.12.2013: fixed effect that "show broken only" view has non-red items (e.g. when retry was successful)
17.8.2014: return AFX_INET_SERVICE_UNK for "javascript:" URLs even if parse error by AfxParseURLEx()
15.4.2015: fix bug in new prop dialogbox (see 3.10.2014), "linking to this URL" list was incorrect
5.5.2016: m_bMakeLowerCase for orphan exclusion (see also 8.2.2005)

1.3.2011: remove side effect in csRemovePercents()
4.3.2011: &#nnnn; central conversion routine
9.4.2011: remove FORMTEST twice, focus on POST query string when checkbox set
15.4.2011: CLinkInfo Archive format version 16 (Keywords)
16.4.2011: CLinkInfo Archive format version 17 (MD5 hash)
12.9.2013: [Options] ReportTimeouts=0 to ignore ERROR_INTERNET_OPERATION_CANCELLED and ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT in report
(for Mr. Leis)
14.9.2013: show time status not more than every second (see 29.8.2009)
14.9.2013: only one parse (vThreadDone) in idle processing, to prevent temporarly blocked UI
14.9.2013: disabled m_wndStatusBar.UpdateWindow for performance
22.10.2013: compile time at the end of report
22.10.2013: report mentions if ReportTimeouts is disabled (see 12.9.2013)
19.12.2013: add IGNORETITLES for web page titles, wasn't there?!
22.12.2013: use UUIDs for csGetTempFileName()
14.5.2017: [Options] ReportDuplicates=0 to ignore duplicates in statistics section of report
(for Mr. Leis)

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Xenu's  Link  Sleuth  v1.3.9  
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