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Win10Pcap 10.2.5002
WinPcap for Windows 10 (NDIS 6.x driver model)

Win10Pcap is a new WinPcap-based Ethernet packet capture library.

Unlike original WinPcap, Win10Pcap is compatible with NDIS 6.x driver model to work stably with Windows 10. Win10Pcap also supports capturing IEEE802.1Q VLAN tags.

Win10Pcap has the binary-compatibility with the original WinPcap DLLs. You can run Wireshark or other WinPcap-compatible applications with Win10Pcap by simply installing Win10Pcap DLLs, instead of original WinPcap.

Win10Pcap is written as a personal project by Daiyuu Nobori, a Ph.D student of Computer Science of University of Tsukuba, Japan. The many parts of Win10Pcap was from WinPcap.

Win10Pcap Features

Win10Pcap has the following features:

Win10Pcap works stably with Windows 10 on both x86 and x64.
Win10Pcap is implemented in the NDIS 6.x driver model.
(The original WinPcap was implemented in the NDIS 5.x driver model.)
Win10Pcap also works with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2012 R2, Server 2012 and Server 2008 R2 on both x86 and x64.
Win10Pcap is open source software under the GPLv2 license.
Win10Pcap supports capturing IEEE802.1Q VLAN tags.
Win10Pcap fixed the NICs enumeration bug on original WinPcap.
WinPcap can enumerate only NICs which were existing on the boot time. Any NICs which are added after the boot time cannot be enumerated.
Win10Pcap can enumerate all existing NICs correctly, including NICs which are added after the boot time.
Win10Pcap supports Jumbo Frames up to 10,000 octets.
Win10Pcap has the binary-compatibility with the original WinPcap DLLs.
The kernel-mode Win10Pcap device driver has obtained the "Windows 10 Compatible" logo from Microsoft on June 8, 2015.

What's different with original WinPcap?

Original WinPcap is a great packet capture library. However, WinPcap has been implemented based on the NDIS 5.x driver model.

We integrated the WinPcap codes into the NDIS 6.x driver model to work stably with Windows 10. We also added the code to support the capability to capture IEEE802.1Q VLAN tags in Ethernet frames which the original WinPcap has not supported.

How to use Win10Pcap

Simply install Win10Pcap on your Windows PC, either before or after your favorited WinPcap-compatible applications (e.g. Wireshark).

Since Win10Pcap has the binary-compatibility with the original WinPcap DLLs, Wireshark will begin to work in Windows 10 immediately after installing Win10Pcap.

Download Wireshark or other WinPcap-compatible applications. Install the application as usual.

Win10Pcap Update Information

Win10Pcap 10.2.5002 (October 8, 2015)
Added the security check code on the read/write/ioctl procedures on the Win10Pcap kernel-mode driver. In the previous version of Win10Pcap, the kernel-mode driver did not check the virtual addresses which are passed from the user-mode. A local user was able to exploit this to read or write data bytes in the kernel-space memory. This had a risk to allow a local user to gain the escalated privilege on the local system. This security check code is to prevent such as illegal access from a local user. For details, please see
The problem was reported by Meysam Firozi on October 7, 2015. I greatly appreciate Meysam Firozi's contribution to report this problem.

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817 2,422 Daiyuu Nobori <img src=""border="0"> Nov 11, 2017 - 13:13 10.2.5002 1.36MB MSI 5/5, out of 20 Votes.
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