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Advanced Windows Ping

Small improved command line ICMP ping program lovingly inspired by windows and linux, written in C#.

Requires Elevated Rights (Admininstrator) to Run


PowerPing contains the following features (with more to come...):

Basic ping functionality
Coloured output
Display options
packet customisation
packet capture (listening)
location lookup

New to PowerPing Version 1.2.0

(Changes since v1.1.0)

- Added partial support for .NET Core (Very unstable)
New arguments:

Flooding (/fl) - Send high volume of ICMP packets
Listening (/li) - Listen for ICMP activity on PC
Scanning (/sc) - Scan for active hosts on a network range using pings
Graphs (/g & /cg) - Displays ping reply times on a graph within console
Show Timestamp (/ts) - Show timestamp when a reply was recieved
Show Requests (/r) - Display request packet information
Timing options (/ti) - Pre configured timing options (inspired by nmap)
No Color mode (/nc) - Monochromatic mode
No Input mode (/ni) - Surpresses all input prompts
Decimal places (/dp) - How many decimal points to show when displaying times
Shorter messages & replies (/sh) - Less info displayed per line (for thinner consoles)
Examples (/ex) - Example use cases


Argument flexibility (support for /, - or --)
More informative error messages
Support for most ICMPv4 packet types and codes
Reworked help message (fancy new ascii art)

Under the hood

Improved arguments parsing
Attempts to get more accurate timings (on going...)
Restructured repo
Better control C handling
Added .NET Core project along side original .NET 4.5 project
Major ping.cs, attributes, results and display refactoring
Made ping and graph objects disposable (better resource management)


Multiple control-c bugs
Multiple argument parsing bugs
Multiple sending and recieving bugs
Alot of typos
And many more...

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Downloads Views Developer Last Update Version Size Type Rank
1,139 3,514 Matthew Carney <img src=""border="0"> Mar 09, 2018 - 12:14 59.5KB EXE 5/5, out of 26 Votes.
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