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File - Download SSE Setup v8.7

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SSE Setup v8.7

SSE SetupTM is a freeware Windows installation creator that is easy, full-featured and mature.

Installers run on Windows 10 and all relevant Windows OS's (you choose which)
Installs both 32-bit and 64-bit programs
NOT some complicated scripting language! (unlike many other installers)
Create a fully functional installer in minutes (NOT days!)
Handles the most common things automatically
Creates small, efficient .EXE's or .ZIP's, or burns to CD/DVD
Non-Admin (Limited/Standard user) install support
Upgrade and patch support for installed programs
Integrated Internet Updater solution that can download & install needed updates
Prerequisites checks to look for needed hardware / OS's / software
Can download any required software (runtimes) your program needs
For .NET installs, easy framework download if user needs
For Access developers: Easy Access database deployment
Built-in Language support for 12 of the world's most-used (multilanguage)
Works well with UAC / Very "UAC Friendly"
Customizable GUI and 7 presets to choose from
Ability to digitally sign installer/uninstaller/your program's files
Display license agreement that must be agreed to
Install files & shortcuts; modify registry
Automatic DLL/OCX registration or font installation if needed
Full Unicode support
Complete context-sensitive help a button away
Automatic removal of everything installed during uninstall
Run external programs during install/uninstall
Show welcome screen or custom messages
Play audio files
Associate filetypes with your software
Create/Run/Delete Task Scheduler Tasks
Modify security permissions (ACL) on files/folders/registry
Modify user or group privileges/rights
Automatic system restore point creation
Replaces "in use" system files
Recognizable design ensures great end-user experience
Can legitimately provide a way for your program to avoid UAC elevation prompts if it needs Elevated Admin privileges on Admin accounts
Detailed LOG file generation
Much more!

Take the SSE Setup Challenge!

The challenge is simple: Download and try SSE Setup for a few minutes. Then go ahead and try any other installer program you want. If you're like most people, you will discover that SSE Setup gets you from point A to point B much quicker, simpler, and with a lot less headaches! NO JOKE!

Many installers (incl. Windows Installer/MSI-based ones, Inno & NSIS) are scripting based, which means you need to learn a whole NEW language and detailed methodology. While there is a place for such installers to create ultra-complex custom installs, most people just need an installer that handles the standard stuff (and maybe some frills) and do it easily. This is who SSE Setup was designed for. SSE Setup is GUI driven, or if you really want to feel like you're coding something, you can switch to "manual editing" mode to just edit a settings file. And though SSE Setup has a vast feature list, if you really do need to do something more than what SSE Setup allows for, SSE Setup can run your own executable program (coded in the language of your choice) at either install start or during install, which still beats having to learn a whole new language!

Bottom line: You can likely save yourself a lot of time, money, and/or headaches by using SSE Setup!

10 Ways SSE Setup Differs From Other Installers

There's LOADS of installers out there. Although on the surface, it might seem like many basically do the same thing, there can be VAST differences between them. Below is a list of SSE Setup's key strengths in relation to many other installers out there:

1. It's Super Easy
The "SSE" in "SSE Setup" stands for Simple, Smart, Easy - all three of which have been a part of the core philosophy since the beginning. You can easily create a full-fledged, feature-rich installer in SSE Setup in literally 5 or 10 minutes. Seriously. If you have some masochist desire to punish yourself and you want to spend hours and hours creating your install in one of those other products that some people recommend for use as an installer, go for it! But SSE Setup can likely get you to what you want in a whole lot less time.

2. Method to create install & Project Management System
Most installers fit into 1 of 2 categories: (1) Scripting-based, which requires you to learn a new language to create your install. This can allow for some ultra-complex installs, but there is a steep learning curve. (2) GUI-based, but many of these are clunky, hard-to-use GUI editors that are either confusing or are too simplistic to really accomplish anything of note.

SSE Setup actually has 2 modes: By default it uses a very smart, non-clunky, GUI-based approach that is well thought-out and steps you through the process of creating your install. Alternately, if you really insist on wanting to feel like you're coding something, you can use manual editing mode to edit a settings file to create your install (it's still not scripting).

With either method, SSE Setup has a whole project management system that organizes your install projects and allows you to easily start new projects based on earlier projects - this is something that many other installers lack.

3. Built-in Internet Updater solution
This one feature alone sets SSE Setup apart from many! SSE Setup has built-in patch/upgrade support for your programs with its own easy-to-use updater solution. With many other installers, you have to find and use another 3rd-party solution (or create your own) to accomplish this very common task!

4. Built-in multilanguage support
Some installers out there only support 1 language or require you to translate your install to other languages. Other installers offer multi-language support but it's not enabled by default and can be complex to enable. SSE Setup has built-in support for many of the world's biggest languages including: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Portugese, German, Italian, Dutch. There is NOTHING you have to do to enable this support (and you can easily disable support you don't want).

5. Low Overhead & Small Install Packages
Overhead is the amount of space in your final install packages that the installer itself takes up. SSE Setup's overhead has been compared to MANY installers over the years, and here is the honest truth: For installers in SSE Setup's feature-class, SSE Setup produces install packages that are either similar to or better than most other installers. For the record, SSE Setup lead the way with LZMA-based compression long before many other installers jumped on board.

6. Lots of timesaving features!
With many other installers, you have to explicitly tell it to do everything. SSE Setup does the stuff that 95% of people want by DEFAULT! This has been a core guiding philosophy of SSE Setup since v1.0. While other installers might be able to do many of the things SSE Setup allows you to do, it will likely take you a lot longer to get to the finished product!

7. Download missing prerequisites / software (i.e. .NET Framework)
Can your other installer download missing software your program requires? SSE Setup can. Does your other installer have automatically-maintained download links to common software such as various versions of the .NET Framework so you don't even have to worry about it? SSE Setup does. Does your other installer have built-in prerequisite checks for many common items? SSE Setup does.

8. Extensive UAC support
Many installers are much more limited by UAC on Windows Vista and newer OS's. SSE Setup can even make it so that YOUR PROGRAM (if it requires admin rights) won't generate a UAC prompt when the user starts your program (this uses legitimate Microsoft stuff). You can even optionally create installers that won't produce ANY UAC prompts! You won't find a lot of installers that offer you that option, but SSE Setup does.

9. Advanced "Frills"
There are some things that SSE Setup allows you to do that many other installers do not. This includes: Easy MS Access database deployment, Extensive ACL modifications on files/folders/registry, creating & running Task Scheduler tasks, creating/modifying user permissions, and playing audio.

10. It's Stable & Mature
There are LOTS of installers out there that have only been around for a few versions or a few years. You want to use an installer that's been around awhile because there's lots of pitfalls and variables with different OS's and it can take time to work out the kinks with something as complex as an installer. SSE Setup has been around for over 14 years and is generally considered to be a stable and mature software product.

11 (BONUS). Extensive Documentation & Support
Forget other installers, this is a rarity to find with most any software products today! While each screen of the creation process gives you bullet-points to tell you the most important things, you can press F1 and complete context-sensitive help for the page you are on will appear.

Version 8.7

- Bug Fix: Corrupted installs in v8.x when installing to a folder that already contained program files and user was forced to choose a different install folder.

- Bug Fix (Internet Updater): The Internet Update Module in v8.4-8.6 may have failed on large downloads (2GB+) when it should not have.

- Bug Fix (Internet Updater): The Internet Update Module in v8.6 incorrectly blocked some filenames (and changed to a generic one) that it did not need to.

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