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File - Download Accent Color Synchronizer for Win10

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Accent Color Synchronizer for Win10
Windows 10 introduced a system-wide accent color system that automatically applies a custom color to many part of the UI including third-party apps. Unfortunately, only apps made for the Universal Windows Platform benefit from this feature, because traditional desktop programs always use the same Aero color scheme that was introduced in Vista.

Accent Color Synchronizer is a portable program for Windows 10 that automatically updates your system color scheme based on your accent color. It can run manually or stay in the background and automatically work when needed.
Basic usage

Extract the content of the downloaded file.
Launch Accent Color Synchronizer.exe.
Click on one of the following button:
SYNC NOW: Sync the accent color right after the button is clicked.
SYNC AUTOMATICALLY: Sync the accent color right after the button is clicked and also whenever the accent color is changed in the future. When this option is chosen, the program is automatically hidden in the system tray and monitors changes to your accent color. To restore the program and stop auto-synchronization, double-click on the system tray icon.
RESTORE DEFAULTS: Reset any change the app may have made to your computer.

Advanced mode

The advanced mode shows information and settings that are otherwise not available. It can be enabled by clicking on the corresponding link at the bottom of the program's main window or by launching the executable with the /adv parameter. Once this is done, the following applies:

When your mouse hovers a preview rectangle, a tooltip showing the current rgb values for the color appears.
You can configure which system solor will be synced and which one will not. Furthermore, two system colors that are not synced in the basic mode can by synced: Active caption and Active caption gradient. These colors are rarely visible on modern programs, which is why they are not synced by default. Also, keep in mind that when too many system colors are synced at the same time, the synchronization process is less smooth and may make some programs shortly flash.
You can set a fixed brightness (a value between 0.00 and 1.00) for each system colors. This feature is useful if you use a third-party theme (especially a dark theme.)
You can set the foreground color for background system colors.

Command-line parameters

"Accent Color Synchronizer.exe" supports the following parameters:

/autosync : Launches the application in basic mode, hides it immediately in the system tray and syncs the accent automatically whenever it is changed. Useful if you want to include Accent Color Synchronizer in your system's startup programs list.
/adv : Launches the application in advanced mode.

Additional notes about this program

It is very safe. It requires no system file modifications nor administrator privileges. In fact, it merely changes a few documented registry values and then calls the SetSysColor API function so that changes are applied immediately.
It works on Windows 10 only. It won't yield the expected result on another OS.
If it does not launch, it is most likely ALREADY running in the background. Take a look at the system tray to see if it is there.

Change log

It is now possible to configure the program to keep changes made to its settings (whether or not the advanced mode is enabled, custom color brightness, etc.)
By default, the application now uses your exact accent color as it appears in the Settings app instead of the title bar color which is often slightly different. This change can be reverted in the application options;
Fixed a bug that caused the About dialog box to unexpectedly appear in specific scenarios;
When a modal dialog is opened (eg. the about dialog) while the application's main window is not visible, the modal dialog no longer appears in the top-left corner of the screen.

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