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GFXplorer 3.9
GFXplorer is a software designed to allow its user to find, or just to have at hand, all the most important technical information, both hardware and software, of a PC.
Thanks to the tabs based user interface and the various categories available, all the information are easy and fast to read, and if reading is not enough: you can export all the information in a common plain text file (TXT) or Rich Text file (RTF) to be viewed anywhere and by anyone without being in front of the interested PC; whenever the need arises, receiving technical support or help on a forum or via email is a lot easier with detailed information of your system!
In addition, the Tools tab provides direct access to a wide range of Windows utilities, useful should you need to do a quick maintenance.

Don't forget that GFXplorer can be easily updated online and is available both in English and Italian.

Information retrieved by GFXplorer 3.9 (new features):

Information about Microsoft Windows:
Name, version, architecture, major update or service pack installed;
DirectX and .Net Framework versions;
Usable\visible and free RAM, virtual memory and system folders.

Information about the Central Processing Unit (CPU):
Manufacturer and digital signature;
Processor model;
Technical data about the Architecture, Family, Model and Stepping;
Current and base operative clock frequency;
Socket type, Cache memory and number of cores (physical \ logical).

Information about the system memory (RAM):
Size, speed and type of each bank of RAM installed;
Total installed RAM.

Information about the Motherboard (MB):
Motherboard model and manufacturer;
BIOS model and version.

Information about video and audio:
GPU (Video card) model\s and VRAM;
Monitor\s screen resolution;
Audio adapter\s.

Information about drives and storage:
Partition\s list and label\s;
File System (per partition);
Available and total space (per partition);
Storage device\s list and id;
Connection interface (per storage device);
Firmware version (per storage device);
Number of partitions (per storage device);
Total storage capacity (per storage device);
Technical data about Sectors, Tracks and Cylinders (per storage device).

Quick access to system tools and utilities:

System tools:
DirectX diagnostic tool;
System configuration;
Registry editor;
About Windows;
Malware removal tool;
Task manager;
Steps recorder;
Display color calibration.

System utilities:
Computer management;
Disk cleanup;
Event Viewer;
Performance monitor;
Device manager;
Local users and groups;
Shared folders;
Task scheduler;
Disk management;

New in version 3.9.1:

Improved .Net Framework installed versions detection;
Added support for detecting major updates for Windows 8.1\10;
Added icons to system tools and utilities in the Tools tab;
Removed the count of active processes;
Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

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