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File - Download Minetest 64bit v5.1.0

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Minetest 64bit v5.1.0

Minetest is a near-infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft, and the like.

Near-infinite maps

With a 620003 block playing area, there's no running out of space. Yes, the world height is also near-infinite.

Multiplayer support

Play by yourself, locally with your friends, or online with dozens of players on a server.

Multiple subgames

Want to install dozens of mods at once? You can. Want to play Hunger Games? No problem!

Modding API

Modify the game and add new content using the Lua programming language.

Texture packs

Not happy at the look of the textures? Change the textures!

Beautiful map generators

Choose from three different in-house map generators, v5, v6 and v7, each of them featuring several biomes.

5.0.1 → 5.1.0

Released on 12 October 2019.
Map generator

Mapgen Carpathian: Add optional rivers (paramat)
Move more dungeon parameter selection to mapgens (paramat)
Dungeons: Make multiple large rooms possible (paramat)

Client / Audiovisuals

Change pitch fly binding to 'P', add to change keys menu (rubenwardy)
Android settings: Use 'simple' leaves instead of 'fancy' (paramat)
Fix 3rd person selection range (srifqi)
Make scrollbars' bar variable in size (stujones11)
Damage: Play no damage sound when immortal (SmallJoker)
Increase upper limit of display_gamma to 10 (ClobberXD)
Optimize and unify mesh processing (Vitaliy)
Re-order mapgens in mainmenu and 'all settings' mapgen selection (paramat)
Scrollbars: Move directly to clicked pos if clicked into tray (DS-Minetest)
Fix broken attachments on join (SmallJoker)
Fix inventory_overlay for nodes without inventory_image (DS-Minetest)
Better F6 profiler (SmallJoker)
Fix minimap markers (theviper121)
Textures: Load base pack only as last fallback (SmallJoker)

Builtin (Lua / Media / Documentation)

Add /help formspec for commands and privileges (SmallJoker)
Lua API: Add link to Minetest Modding Book (ClobberXD)
Force item entities out of solid nodes (sfan5, based on Wuzzy`s work)
Lua API: Various fixes (DS-Minetest, SmallJoker)
Rename "private messages" to "direct messages" (Calinou)
Automatically enable depending mods in the dialogue (HybridDog)
All settings: Fix missing flags checkboxes (srifqi)

World / Server / Environment

Various network performance improvements (osjc)
Force send a mapblock to a player (sofar)
Revert ItemStacks being limited to the 'stack_size' value (ClobberXD)
Save forceloaded blocks file periodically (Thomas Rudin)
Improve ABM time budget handling (lhofhansl)
Group "immortal" also protects players from damage (Wuzzy)
Optimize usage of TOSERVER_GOTBLOCKS packet (sfan5)
Network: several bugfixes (sfan5)
Mapgen::spreadLight performance improvement (DS-Minetest)
Improve occlusion culling in corridors with additional check (sfan5)
Inventory: Delay dirty lists, and send changes incrementally (SmallJoker)
Other inventory bugfixes (sfan5, SmallJoker)
Move debug.txt after it grows too big (HybridDog)
Trigger on_place in many situations even if prediction failed (DS-Minetest)
Punchwear (improved) (sfan5)

Script API / Modding

Add deprecation warnings for ObjectRef:get/set_attribute (ClobberXD)
Nodedef 'drop' documentation: Improve (Paramat)
Mark tool filtering in node drop documentation as deprecated (Paramat)
Add node field to PlayerHPChangeReason table (pauloue)
Don't call on_hpchange callbacks if HP hasn't changed (ClobberXD)
Add disable_jump to liquids and ladders (SmallJoker)
Add support for 9-sliced backgrounds (rubenwardy)
Add compatible, consistent coordinate system to FormSpecs (v-rob)
Document ObjectRef:remove under Lua entity (ClobberXD)
Docs: Clarify where to check for 'protection_bypass' (SmallJoker)
Add and vector.cross (HybridDog)
Improve documentation of mapgen aliases (Paramat)
Remove debug.upvaluejoin to prevent leak of insecure environment (fluxionary)
Fix previously crashing minetest.get_craft_result() (pauloue)
Allow toolcaps to override the built-in times for dig_immediate (sfan5)
Formspec styling using style[] (rubenwardy)
Customizable chat message format (ClobberXD)
Velocity modifiers for players (sfan5)
Fix some issues with minetest.clear_craft (pauloue)
Add function `minetest.read_schematic` (paly2)
Formspecs: formspec_version[] element (SmallJoker)
Per-player FOV overrides and multipliers (ClobberXD)

Misc / Build

Find PostgreSQL correctly (adrido)
Add compatibility to vcpkg buildsystem (adrido)
Android: Use system provided path for default TMPFolder setting (stujones11)
Fix handling of --color and --worldlist command line arguments (mmattes)
Unified OpenGL ES support (sfan5)

Minetest Game

Added dry dirt and dry dirt with dry grass. Grass never spreads on dry dirt (paramat)
Savannas now have dry dirt and dry dirt with dry grass (paramat)
Added steel bar door and steel bar trap door
Added setting “enable_fence_tall” for fences that cannot be jumped over (mbartlett21)
Firefly in a bottle can now be placed into vessels shelf
Add flowing water sound
Underground biomes extend much deeper, down to Y=-255
Make the creative mod hand dig 'dig_immediate' nodes fast (paramat)
Add new TNT sounds (TumeniNodes)
Add missing infotext to nodes (An0n3m0us)
Added translation support
Added German, French, Spanish and Italian translations (Wuzzy, Hamlet, JDiaz, DrHackberry)

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3,324 9,845 The Minetest Team <img src=""border="0"> Nov 07, 2019 - 11:23 5.1.0 15.87MB ZIP 5/5, out of 23 Votes.
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