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File - Download NoMachine v7.10.1

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NoMachine v7.10.1

Free remote desktop software.

Go from your desktop to any NoMachine-enabled computer at the speed of light. Thanks to our NX technology, NoMachine is the fastest and highest quality remote desktop you have ever tried. Get to any computer in the world in just a few clicks! Take what's important where you go and share with who you want! NoMachine is your own personal server, private and secure. Did we say NoMachine is free? No strings attached.

Work with any content

Don't feel limited. Enjoy live audio and video from your remote PC. Watch DVDs, the TV, Hulu or YouTube videos from wherever you are. Or render your animated models. Whether you are an artist or an engineer, your favorite software is always with you.

Meet with others where you work

Your desktop is where you work. Open your desktop for others to join in. Let your friends collaborate on the documents you are working on, share the files you need, help with troubleshooting the problems you are experiencing. All securely and under your control.

Use any device

Your folders, drives and devices, travel across machines in a snap. Print a file located on the remote computer to a local printer. Or do the opposite. Plug in any device into the other desktop. Pendrives, scanners and all your disks are ready to use as if they were physically there.

Record what you do

Make a video of what you do on-the-fly. Capture that pesky bug or create recordings of your workflow to play back later. Show others how to get there, ask for suggestions, make presentations of your software and demos. Or record your preferred TV episode in a click.

Break the barriers of space and time. Let your desktop travel the world. If you're looking for the fastest remote desktop software to date, you're in the right place. But that's only part of the story. We want NoMachine to be a game changer. We want you to access all your files, display all your videos, play all your audio, edit your documents and move them around exactly as if all the computing power in the world was in your hands. We want NoMachine to let you do more, in ways that don't place limits on your creativity. Here is how...

Human Interface

The human-machine interface is everything. Like when you watch the TV, you care about the content, not the TV set. We want to give you an interface that lets you concentrate on what you do, rather than on our software, an interface that lets you do what you want, and gets out of your way.


How fast does fast have to be? With NoMachine's NX protocol you can't get any faster. We believe that a remote desktop must be fast enough that you don't notice it's there. Our mission is to make your experience exactly the same as that of being in front of your computer. Only then will we know that it's sufficiently fast. Fortunately time is on our side. The more technology advances, the faster computers and networks get, the less this will be a problem.

Network transparency

Hardware is made to be plugged in to physical sockets. We want to turn all these sockets into network sockets, so that you can connect everything to anything from wherever you are. With NX you can finally be free of cables, plugs and connectors and let all your hardware always be with you.

OS support

You maybe don't know what an "operating system" is. For sure you should not care. Anyway, if you are like us, you work on different operating systems at different times. NoMachine makes it possible to work on any operating system, on your laptop, your tablet or your phone using the same files, your same applications, in the same way. So that you can forget what an "operating system" is.

The cloud is yours

NoMachine frees you from cloud storage services that put limitations on what you store and upload. With NoMachine, it's all about how many GB you can stuff on to your computer. Stay in control of your data: your information stays yours, on your own cloud server, with the added bonus that it's always with you.

Play with the tool

NoMachine is a tool. You decide how to use it. For example, we are not saying you should play games remotely, but surely you should not feel limited in what you may like to do with it. NoMachine streams smooth, high-resolution video and audio from your PC or Mac to any NoMachine-enabled device, and even works with any USB controller.


Being free, NoMachine comes at an unbeatable price. "Why is it free?", you may ask, "are you collecting our clicks?" Not at all! NoMachine is free because we have a solid business model. We sell our software to businesses of all sizes, so that they can implement their corporate desktop strategy. And even if you've never heard about us, there are a lot of Fortune 500 companies among our customers.

Ads not included

NoMachine is not AdWare crap. We don't scan your disk, track your location, read your e-mail or sell your browsing habits. For us software is a product, just like food or clothing, people should choose and buy for its quality, not because it's free. Remember that when something is free the product is you. So when we give away our software for free (as we do), we do this to make the software known and used by a larger public, so that we can improve it and make it more attractive for the paying customers.

NoMachine 7.7.4
Luxembourg, October 21st, 2021 - NoMachine makes available updated version 7 packages to fix some issues affecting earlier iterations including problems related to macOS on M1 such as black screen, screen blanking not deactivated and audio not working. Additionally, this release adds support for Okta and updates the Apache HTTP Server to version 2.4.51.

Version 7.7.4 also updates USB drivers to prevent a possible privilege escalation. Due to the new driver version, support for USB forwarding has been dropped for the Windows XP operating system.

Included in version 7.7.4:

FR12R04051 - Adding support for Okta primary authentication with public application in NX protocol
FR01S04064 - Automatically rebuild nxusb.ko kernel module after its upgrade
FR09S04217 - Replacing the UserNXDirectoryPath key with UsersDirectoryPath
FR04S04160 - Updating nxhtd in packages v. 7 and 6. to Apache v. 2.4.51

TR10S10388 - Possible local privileges escalation by USB forwarding
TR03S10115 - A NoMachine server/node host becomes unreachable when it gets the subscription reminder
TR08S10329 - After updating to macOS 11 (Big Sur), keyboard and mouse are no longer responsive in the login window
TR04S10221 - Authentication fails in NIS environment on Fedora 33, RHEL 8 and CentOS 8
TR04S10180 - Black screen occurs when connecting to macOS Big Sur (M1) with display turned off
TR08S10335 - Black screen occurs when rebooting macOS 11 (Big Sur) or when making logout
TR07S10302 - Cannot generate any longer OTP password to connect to the Cloud Server node
TR06S10292 - Cannot synchronize the cluster db when more than 900 profile rules are set
TR07S10314 - Copy&paste inside the session results in pasting the text previously selected
TR06S10301 - Display server terminates unexpectedly on multi-monitor Mac
TR06S10275 - Error 'nxserver.exe is not valid' is not valid occurs when connecting by the web to Linux running on Hyper-V
TR08S10336 - First connection to a Windows node of a Cloud Server fails with "The session negotiation failed"
TR05S10272 - Frequent termination of the nxserver.bin daemon on some Linux machines
TR10P08952 - Grabbing the keyboard doesn't work when Wayland is enabled
TR06S10288 - Kerberos Keyring Cache is not correctly cleaned up
TR05S10269 - Maximizing applications expands across all monitors when 'full screen on all monitors' is selected
TR02Q09146 - NoMachine client uses by default the system username also when connecting with the library SSH client
TR06S10282 - NoMachine does not restore resolution after disconnection on Mac OS with M1
TR07S10323 - NoMachine does not work correctly after installing on Windows XP 64 bit
TR03S10140 - Option "Change the remote display resolution to match the window" is not disabled in the UI when the server is configured to forbid resize
TR08S10331 - Session fails to start when the file path contains the word 'keeper'
TR07S10321 - Starting a connection through a proxy fails with "invalid argument" error
TR09S10354 - The connection monitor is shut down and restarted every seconds causing high CPU consuming
TR10Q09459 - The connection panel in the NoMachine client menu shows an incorrect UDP port
TR12R09958 - The first reconnection attempt to macOS after system reboot, fails
TR09S10350 - The screen blanking is not deactivated on Mac M1 upon session disconnection
TR04S10224 - When key-based authentication is chosen, the key must be added twice
TR06S10299 - NoMachine failover cluster is not working properly with SSH protocol
TR04S10204 - Old text is pasted instead of the new one just copied
TR04S10212 - Audio is not working with NoMachine client on macOS 11 Big Sur (M1)
TR09S10355 - File manager doesn't show up in web session when clicking on "Upload file from the client"

This download is for the Windows version. All other download assets are below:





Raspberry Pi and ARM:

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