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File - Download NxFilter v4.5.4.1

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NxFilter v4.5.4.1

A freeware web-filter designed for enterprise environments.

It started as a dns-filter. Now it provides web-proxy based filtering as well. NxFilter can do everything you can expect from a dns-filter or a web-filter.

Faster and lighter
Filtering requires an extra process for your network. It can be a bottle neck in your network and cause a latency problem. NxFilter uses lightweight DNS protocol for its filtering. There will be no latency problem from NxFilter.

Network performance
NxFilter doesnít just do filtering. It caches DNS responses from public DNS servers. Once it cached, it will be resolved in your local network. It will save you a lot of bandwidth and improve your network performance.

We see many sites running NxFilter for several thousand users. At the moment, the biggest number of users for a single NxFilter server we have seen is 60,000. We donít know its limit yet.

You want to protect your network with a login procedure and differentiate users with userames and IP addresses on your report view. NxFilter offers IP and password based authentication by itself.

Active Directory integration
You can import users and groups from an Active Directory domain and you can filter them by multiple policies based on those imported groups and users.

Single sign-on
Your users donít want to go through any other login process after they logged in to their PCs. NxFilter provides several kinds of single sign-on agents. Some of them can be used for Active Directory integration.

Multiple policies
You can have multiple policies for your users. One policy for staffs and a stricter policy for your students. You can apply these policies based on IP and IP ranges or users and groups created on NxFilter GUI or imported from your Active Directory domain.

Easy deployment
You can say that NxFilter is the easiest webfilter to install and manage. Many of our users are not high skilled professional network engineers. We put everything into a small package and you just install it and run it.

Remote filtering
We provide remote filtering agents for Windows and macOS, Chromebook. You can filter your users while they are away from your office. We offer these agents for free.

Community proven
You donít believe everything they say. Everybody says they are the best. However, only several of them have working communities. We have been running a public user forum since we released the first version of NxFilter in 2013.

Very stable
Many of our users never reboot their NxFilter systems for several months. It doesnít ask you continuous care. Leave it running and you can spend your precious time on other things to do.

Malware and botnet detection
Malwares and botnets are basically network client programs. They are heavily relying on DNS protocol. NxFilter is capable of detecting and blocking them based on DNS packet inspection.

Transparent filtering
Use NxFilter as the DNS server for your network. Block outgoing UDP/53. NxFilter becomes the only DNS server for your network and you get your filtering. Your users will not notice any difference.

HTTPS filtering
NxFilter uses DNS protocol for filtering. It is a DNS filter. Thereís no difference between HTTP and HTTPS to NxFilter. You can block websites running on HTTPS without any special settings.

Classification engine
Most companies are just outsourcing third party website classification database. We can build our own with the classification engine also built by us. Thatís how we can cost it down so much.

2022-01-24, v4.5.4.1
- Embedded Tomcat has been updated to v8.5.75.
- CBC mode cipher has been removed for webserver security.
- JSP compiler target has been changed to 1.8.
- WebSockerHandler has been removed.
- Baselist has been updated to 4057161.

This download is for the Windows setup version. All other download assets are below:

Debian Linux:

Multi-platform jar file:

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