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Social Network Visualizer 2.1 Windows
Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV) is a cross-platform, user-friendly software for social network analysis and visualization. Social Networks are displayed and analyzed as mathematical graphs, where vertices depict actors/agents and edges represent their relations.

With SocNetV you can draw social networks with a few clicks on a virtual canvas or load field data from various social network formats supported such as GraphML, GraphViz, Adjacency, Pajek, UCINET, etc.

Furthermore, you can create random networks using various random network generation models (Barabási–Albert Scale-Free, Erdős–Rényi, Watts-Strogatz Small-World, d-regular, ring lattice, etc) or recreate famous social network analysis datasets, i.e. Padgett's Florentine families.

A simple web crawler is also included to automatically create "social networks" from links found in a given initial URL. The crawler scans the given web page for links and visualizes the network of all webpages/sites linked from it.

SocNetV enables you to edit your social network data through point-and-click, analyse their social and mathematical properties, produce reports for these properties and embed visualization layouts for relevant presentation of each network.

It also supports multirelational loading and editing. You can load a social network consisting of multiple relations or create a social network on your own and add multiple relations to it.

SocNetV easily computes basic graph-theoretic properties, such as density, diameter, geodesics and distances (geodesic lengths), connectedness, eccentricity, etc. But it also computes advanced structural measures for social network analysis such as centrality and prestige indices (i.e. closeness centrality, betweeness centrality, information centrality, power centrality, proximity and pagerank prestige), triad census, clique census, clustering coefficient, etc.

The application supports various layout algorithms based either on prominence indices (i.e. circular, level and nodal sizes by centrality score) or on force-directed models (i.e. Eades Spring Embedder, Fruchterman-Reingold, etc) for meaningful visualizations of the social networks.

The program is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License 3 (GPL3).
You can copy it as many times as you wish, or modify it, provided you keep the same license. The documentation is also Free, licensed under the Free Documentation License (FDL).


Version 2.1 - Sep 28, 2016
Codename: "fixer"
* Faster & accurate network analysis computation
- The algorithms for social network analysis have been improved, and most of them are
computed all together when one metric is calculated. The metric results are saved
and re-used through the session. Metrics are recomputed only when new nodes or new edges
are added or when edge weights are changed.
- Also network analysis metrics, such as PageRank Prestige (PRP) and Average Graph
Distance (AGD) have been fixed to produce correct results.
* New d-regular random network generator
- The algorithm of the d-regular network generator has been rewritten, and now produces
both directed and undirected d-regular random networks without errors.
* Improved UCINET format support
- Fullmatrix format is now supported again. SocNetV already supports edgelist format.
* Better network visualization
- Errors in node and edge stacking on the canvas, as well as huge line widths of edges
with large weights have been corrected.
* Bugs Fixed:
#1624561 Network files with both arcs and edges are loaded as solely undirected nets
#1622889 d-regular generator does not produce random nets
#1623812 After a new network file loaded, the app behaves as the network has changed
#1624583 UCINET dl file crashes the app
#1624750 Random new nodes can be drawn out of canvas
#1625831 Removing an edge in undirected Graphs does not update the node outDegree
#1627390 Wrong PageRank Prestige results In undirected nets
#1627721 Wrong average graph distance metric in disconnected networks
#1628382 Edges with very large weights are drawn with huge line widths
#1627213 Crashes when double clicking on a target node, if the source node is deleted
#1628170 edge labeling with html special chars breaks graphml files
#1622891 Highlighted edges should have larger z-index
#1624352 Change edge color dialog does not show the current edge color
#1624360 Default edge color and node shape wrong in Edit menu dialogs
#1628395 Wrong z-value of nodes and edges - nodes and edges are cluttered

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215 1,017 Dimitris V. Kalamaras <img src=" Network Visualizer1_th.png"border="0"> Oct 06, 2016 - 12:03 2.1 25.67MB EXE 5/5, out of 1 Votes.
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