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Dust Racing 2D 1.12.0
Dust Racing 2D (dustrac) is an open source, tile-based 2D racing game developed by Jussi Lind and contributors.

The first version of the game was published in 2012.

The purpose of the game is to race against 11 challenging computer players on different race tracks. Finishing in TOP-6 will unlock a new race track. Only a small portion of the race track is visible on the scrolling screen. There's also an option for a split-screen two player game, introduced in 0.12.0. Dust Racing 2D comes with a Qt-based level editor that makes creating new race tracks easy.

The source code of the game is licensed under GNU GPLv3. Dust Racing 2D is built on Qt development framework in C++ and it uses OpenGL for graphics. This means, that it is possible to port the game to multiple operating systems. Dust Racing 2D is currently available for Linux and Windows.

Dust Racing 2D was inspired by Super Cars and Slicks'n Slide and is under active development.

Version 1.12.0
New features:

7 new tracks by Wuzzy
Add German translation


Make the steering more stable
Redo startlight graphics in SVG
Improve log messages about translations.
Editor: Improve override cursor logic.
Editor: Remove dead code.
Update Czech translations.

Bug fixes:

Fix GitHub issue #7: Bad track preview images.
Fix GitHub issue #6: Assertion failure when empty route cleared.
Remove lower bridge rails for now.


CMake: Switch to the recommended way to link Qt5

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