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Last Update/Developer
OSL2000 Boot Manager® Version 9.26 (Now Supports Windows 7)!
OSL2000 is an advanced multi boot manager. Using OSL2000, you can easily install, boot and manage up to 100 independent OSs in your system. A boot manager is a program that lets you have multiple operating systems in your system. OSL2000 boot manager, in addition to being a normal boot manager, has advanced features that let you seamlessly install, boot and manage 100s of OSs like Windows (all versions), Linux, DOS, etc. It lets you have independent copies of Windows. It even lets you have multiple copies of the same Windows. It lets you boot Windows (all versions) from logical partitions, second hard disk, etc. It has tons of advanced features and does not require any manual configuration. In fact, it is so advanced that it does not even have a configuration screen! Lets you have up to 100 independent operating systems. Lets you have completely independent copies of Windows. Lets you even have multiple copies of the same Windows. Lets you boot Windows (all versions) from logical partitions. Lets you boot Windows (all versions) from the second hard disk. Supports Windows (all versions), Linux, DOS and most others. Supports boot from hard disk, cd-rom, floppy, usb, zip & more. Supports command-line mode, batch files, desktop shortcuts, etc. BootMenu sports a elegant, customizable yet powerful interface. Has tons of advanced features like Stealth, AutoBoot, AutoScan, AutoSense, SafeBoot, AutoHide, MenuLock with password, Self Timer & more.... There are no feature limits. All features are available to users. Absolutely no configuration required! Simply 100% automatic. One click install. 100% automatic (takes only a few ...
0/5 5,372 Apr 04, 2012
OSL Corp.
Super Grub2 Disk 2.02s5
Super Grub2 Disk 2.02s5 Super GRUB2 Disk is a live cd that helps you to boot into most any Operating System (OS) even if you cannot boot into it by normal means. Features Everything option to detect most Operating Systems Operating Systems grub.cfg – (GRUB2 configuration files) menu.lst – (GRUB legacy configuration files) core.img – (GRUB2 installation (even if mbr is overwritten)) Bootable ISOs (in /boot-isos or /boot/boot-isos Enable GRUB2’s LVM support Enable GRUB2’s RAID support Enable GRUB2’s PATA support (to work around BIOS bugs/limitation) Mount encrypted volumes (LUKS and geli) Enable serial terminal A new stable release The former Super Grub2 Disk stable release was 2.00s4 version and released on March 2016 (7 months ago) . New features or changes since previous stable version are: Make UEFI only options and BIOS/CMS only options clear. If you boot in UEFI mode you are not able to chainload partitions (Operating systems installed in BIOS mode). Now we make that fact clear by prepending BIOS-BOOT-REQUIRED to these entries. Same thing applies in the reverse case. If you boot in BIOS mode you are not able to load EFI files (Operating systems installed in UEFI mode). Now we make that fact clear by prepending UEFI-BOOT-REQUIRED to these entries. If you insist on booting those entries Super Grub2 Disk refuses to boot them and explains why. New option: Chainload directly /ntldr or /bootmgr. (Note this new option will only work in BIOS/CSM mode). This option chainloads Windows’ ntldr or Windows’ bootmgr. It should be useful if you have somehow corrupted your Windows ...
5/5 156 Nov 14, 2016
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