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Portable Text Encryption v9.11
Portable Text Encryption v9.11 Self contained and completely portable binary encrypts text for secure email, messaging, IRC use, etc. Ideal for USB flash drives. AES-128/192/256 (ecb/cbc), Blowfish (ecb/cbc), DES / TripleDES (ecb/cbc/ofb/cfb), or RC4. Linux and Windows binaries. Features no setup no config no helper files completely portable Note from author: This util does not depend on any external helper utils, and so is completely portable, making it well suited for USB flash drives and Tails persistent storage. It is written in TCL and uses the AES, DES, Blowfish, and RC4 packages from tcllib version 1.8. Note: it was asked once, what is the purpose of the "remove l/f" option. That's for the purpose of copying and pasting to websites, irc channels, email, etc., it makes things easier, as some sites and apps either mangle or remove the linefeeds. Have fun Dana Booth, 26 June 2022 Changes: v9.11 26 June 2022 RC4 wasnt't properly deciphering when the plain text was too short, < three characters, fixed. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 385 Jul 12, 2022
Dana Booth
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