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Last Update/Developer
8bit killer v8.0.0
8bit killer v8.0.0 A first person shooter styled to resemble a NES game in look and feel. ABOUT AD 2488. A long war has put human race on the edge of self-extinction. Four years ago, a space creature known as Master Brain arrived with the promise of a new dawn. Now, a huge army launched an attack to the few cities that are still on, following the plan of the creature. A small group of soldiers have formed an alliance to defend those cities and kill the master brain. This games tells the story of their final mission. 32x32 pixel textures, 64 color nes palette and 1bit sounds make this game look like an early 90s game. The soundtrack has been created by the genius RushJet1. The story, characters and scenes are inspired by films like Mad Max or 2013: Rescue in LA and by games like Contra, Megaman, Bionic Commando, Metroid, Catacomb 3D or the sequel Wolfenstein 3D, and many others... CONTROLS Move - QWEASD and cursors Status screen - Space bar Mouse - Look Mouse left buttom - Shoot Mouse right buttum - Activate Enter - Change screen mode Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 4,928 Sep 09, 2022
Captura v8.0.0
Captura v8.0.0 Capture Screen, WebCam, Audio, Cursor, Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes Features Free Captura is 100% free. You don't need to spend a penny. You can support by donating or just starring the repository. Open-Source Source-code for Captura is available on GitHub under the terms of the MIT license. No Ads The app is completely ad-free. Multiple Languages Available in over 30 languages. Very simple to translate. System Tray Captura can run unobtrusively remaining minimized to the System Tray. Command-line Usage Hello developers! Captura can be used from your terminal. Only for Portable builds. Hotkeys Take ScreenShots and control recordings from the keyboard even when Captura is in System Tray using Configurable Hotkeys. Input/Output Audio Mixing Captura can do the much demanded task of mixing Microphone input audio and Speaker output audio. Clicks and Keystrokes Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes can be shown in the recordings. Options are present for customization. Region Captura can capture specific regions using the Region Selector. It can even Snap to windows. WebCam You can include WebCam view in your recordings. Perfect for making tutorials. Game Recording DirectX Fullscreen games can be recorded using Desktop Duplication API. Needs to be supported by the game and the graphic card. Changes: v8.0.0 10 Nov 2018 Audio / Video Sources Stop Window capture when Window is closed. fix: Mouse cursor position is wrong after moving region selector. fix: Unable to resize Region Selector after stopping recording. Desktop Duplication is supported with Variable Frame Rate Gif. fix: Desktop Duplication recording does not crash when Screen enters non-recordable mode. e.g. Sign-in screen. Added an option to playback recorded audio in real-time in Config | Extras. Record and ScreenShot buttons on Region Selector. Added Window picker and Screen picker which prompt for selector on starting recording or taking screenshot. More than 2 audio sources can be ...
5/5 3,943 Mar 01, 2019
Mathew Sachin
Rem-VBSworm v8.0.0
Rem-VBSworm v8.0.0 A small tool that will aid you to remove VBS malware (and unhide your files) from a machine or in a network. The tool is written entirely in batch. Instructions on using Rem-VBSworm You should run the script in the following sequence, at least on a normal machine: Plug in your infected USB (if any) and choose A, then B and afterwards C. After these steps, perform a full scan with your installed antivirus product or perform an online scan. Some tips and tricks: Using option A, the tool will attempt to clean the infection. It will also fix any registry changes made by the malware. (for example it will re-enable Task Manager should it be disabled). ! When you use option B, be sure to type only the letter of your USB drive! So if you have a USB drive named G:\, you should only type G This option will eradicate any related malware on the USB drive, as well as unhide your files (make them visible again). With option C you can download Panda USB Vaccine to prevent any other autorun malware entering your computer. With option D you have the possibility to disable or re-enable the Windows Script Host (WSH), to prevent any malware abusing it. I advise to end the script with Q as to ensure proper logfile closing. A logfile will open automatically, but is also created by default on the C:\ drive. (C:\Rem-VBS.log) When the tool is running, do not use the machine for anything else. (it takes about 30 seconds to run) If VBS malware is found, it will be automatically removed and a copy ...
5/5 5,456 Nov 13, 2019
Bart Blaze
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