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Nemp v4.12.2
Nemp v4.12.2 Nemp - Noch ein Mp3-Player An intuitive mp3-player with many functions. It is portable and runs without installation - just download, unzip, run. ("Noch ein mp3-Player" translates to "Yet another mp3-player".) Nemp - Features One advantage of Nemp is its portability. Copy it to an USB-drive with your music files and use it on every computer without rebuilding the medialibrary. Core of the player is still collecting the meta-information of audiofiles like artist, title, duration, bitrate and so on. This is rather fast with Nemp (20-50 files per second, depends on diskspeed) and works on mp3-files sometimes better than in other players. File formats Nemp supports all popular file formats. Metadata is read from ID3v1-Tags, ID3v2, Ogg-Vorbis-Comments, Flac Metablocks and Apev2-Tags and can be modified. On wma files the metadata is read, but cannot be modified. For CD-Audio the CD-Text is used and (optionally) freedb. Medialibrary Nemp can search for audiofiles on your harddrives and store them into the Nemp media library. Just drag&drop your music-directory into the Nemp-window. After this you can browse and search really fast in this library by artist, by album, or with a coverflow. New in Nemp 4.0 is the tagcloud which organize your audiofiles in some other way. Nemp Webserver The Nemp Webserver is something unique. To be clear: This is not for streaming the playlist inside the local network, but a remote control for Nemp. With the Nemp Webserver you can control the player through a smartphone (or any other device with a webbrowser). The Webserver enables you to view the currently played title and download it to your mobile device control the player (play, pause, stop, next title, scrolling, volume) insert files into the playlist, move, delete browse in the media library or search for a specific file ...
5/5 1,614 Oct 25, 2019
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