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GrandPerspective v3.4.2
GrandPerspective v3.4.2 A utility application for Macs that graphically displays the disk usage of a file system. It can help you to manage your disk, as you can easily spot which files and folders take up the most space. The graphical representation is a logical one, where each file is shown as a rectangle with an area proportional to the file's size. Files in the same folder appear together, but other than that the placement of files is arbitrary. You can observe this by resizing the view window. The location of files will change, in order to keep the rectangles as square as possible. Features • Disk usage visualisation by way of tree maps • Convenient navigation of views • Preview files using Quick Look • Reveal files and folders in the Finder • Delete files and folders from the view • Quick search of files by name • Filter files and folders • Support for hard-linked files and folders • Support for iCloud files • Save results of disk scanning operations • Export scan results as text or as image • Configurable user preferences • Snappy and responsive GUI • Small memory and disk footprint • Extensive help documentation System Requirements: • macOS 11.0 or higher • Apple silicon or Intel-based processor Changes: v3.4.2, 24-07-2023 Minor improvements: - Update help - Revise index page - Add example view image - Remove use of character gifs by unicode symbols - Add privacy explanation for photo library access - By default do not apply a scan filter Updated localization: - Finnish Fixes: - Fixed: (German) Control panel ...
5/5 5,517 Apr 03, 2024
Erwin Bonsma
SokobanP v3.4.2
SokobanP v3.4.2 A free Sokoban game for Windows. Includes 8000 levels, 30 skins, level editor, undo/redo, save positions, replay. Features quickly move player by right-click quickly move boxes by drag&drop (the shortest path is found) use numeric keypad to move to 8 directions option to set visibility radius to see only boxes which are near player unlimited undo, redo save positions to a file or quick save to memory solution replay - play, pause, step, fast forward Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,415 Oct 17, 2022
Petr Lastovicka
SQLiteStudio v3.4.2
SQLiteStudio v3.4.2 Create, edit, browse SQLite databases. A free, open source, multi-platform SQLite database manager written in C++, with use of Qt framework. SQLiteStudio is desktop application for browsing and editing SQLite database files. It is aimed for people, who know what SQLite is, or what relational databases are in general. It is an open-source software, released under GPL (v3) license. You are free to use it for any purpose you like. Free and open source It's free of charge for everybody, for any purpose (including commercial). It's safe, as anyone can review source code. Advanced SQL code editor The SQL Editor window assists user with SQL syntax hints & highlighting, provides pretty-print code formatter, marks syntax errors. You can Ctrl+click on table mentioned in SQL query to open that table (or index, or trigger, or view). Encrypted databases Currently supported encrypted, password-protected SQLite variations are: SQLCipher, WxSQLite3 and System.Data.SQLite. Multiple databases seamlessly You can execute SQL statements that refer to multiple databases within single query, thanks to transparent database attaching mechanism built into the SQL Editor of SQLiteStudio. Custom SQL functions You can implement your own SQL functions (scalar & aggregate) using JavaScript, Python or Tcl. There is repository of ready-to-use scripts on the wiki page. Custom collation sequences You can implement your own collation sequences (i.e. algorithms for comparing 2 values, that could be used in ORDER BY clause, etc). SQL and DDL history You need that query you executed 2 weeks ago? No problem. SQL Editor has a "History" tab. You need to upgrade production database the same way you did locally with SQLiteStudio? Use DDL History window - it has all DDL statements as executed by SQLiteStudio. Drag and drop between databases You can drag and drop objects (tables, indexes, ...) between databases in order to copy or move them, with or without data. Cross-platform Works on all 3 major platforms - Windows, MacOS X, Linux. ...
5/5 1,250 Jan 18, 2023
Paweł Salawa
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