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Last Update/Developer
Bochs x86 PC emulator v2.7
Bochs x86 PC emulator v2.7 A x86 PC emulation software package that emulates enough of the x86 CPU, related AT hardware, and BIOS to run Windows, Linux, *BSD, Minix, and other OS's, all on your workstation. WHAT IS BOCHS? Bochs is a highly portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++, that runs on most popular platforms. It includes emulation of the Intel x86 CPU, common I/O devices, and a custom BIOS. Bochs can be compiled to emulate many different x86 CPUs, from early 386 to the most recent x86-64 Intel and AMD processors which may even not reached the market yet. Bochs is capable of running most Operating Systems inside the emulation, for example DOS, Linux or Windows. Bochs with 2 CPUs running Windows NT4.0 Bochs can be compiled and used in a variety of modes, some which are still in development. The 'typical' use of bochs is to provide complete x86 PC emulation, including the x86 processor, hardware devices, and memory. This allows you to run OS's and software within the emulator on your workstation, much like you have a machine inside of a machine. Bochs will allow you to run Windows applications on a Solaris machine with X11, for example. Bochs with 2 CPUs running Windows XP This download is for the Windows 64bit version. All other download assets are below: Windows: Bochs-win32-2.6.11.exe Source: bochs-2.7.tar.gz Linux: bochs-2.7-1.x86_64.rpm bochs-2.7-1.src.rpm Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,908 Sep 21, 2023
Bochs Dev Team
Desktop Info v2.7
Desktop Info v2.7 This little application displays system information on your desktop. Looks like wallpaper but stays resident in memory and updates in real time. Perfect for quick identification and walk-by monitoring of production or test server farms or any computer you’re responsible for. Uses very little memory and nearly zero cpu. Everything is customisable including language. Features: Display every kind of metric about your Windows system Extensive display and data formatting options Bar charts and line charts Monitor files, registry keys and event logs Custom WMI queries Visual alerts Arithmetical expressions External command execution, Powershell etc Clickable controls Small memory footprint Low priority cpu Adjustable transparent background Fonts and colors configurable Pull data from http server Log raw data to csv files Display text from a file Display registry values Graphic Banner Screen saver Up to 9 pages of information Supports multi-display configurations Application logging to text file and/or Windows Event Logs Full multi-byte, Unicode multi language support Supports all Windows versions from 2000 onwards Comprehensive reference manual Much more… Desktop Info v2.7.0 Released 6 July, 2020 Change 1: Added an Export tool to the context menu. This exports all active, non-hidden items to a file using the selected template file. The menu is populated with files found in the templates directory. You can hide it by setting menu-export in the [text] section to blank. The ...
5/5 4,527 Jul 06, 2020
Glenn Delahoy
Stunt Rally v2.7
Stunt Rally v2.7 A free 3D racing game with rally style driving. It features a rich variety of 202 tracks in 37 sceneries also on other planets. Track difficulty ranges from short and easy to very difficult stunt tracks including jumps, skewed loops, pipes winding in 3D, obstacles or all at once. The 25 vehicles include: 11 regular cars, 6 extreme (with bigger wheels), 2 motorbikes, an 8 wheeled bus, 1 old truck, 3 hovering spaceships and 1 bouncing sphere. The latter provide a fast and easier gameplay on flat tracks. Game modes include: Single Race, Tutorials, Championships, Challenges, Multiplayer and Split Screen. Also Replays and Ghost drive are present. The Track Editor allows creating and modifying tracks. It uses a 3D spline generated road. Both run on GNU/Linux and Windows and are Free Libre Open Source Software, licensed under GPLv3. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux Flatpack version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,478 Aug 08, 2023
Stunt Rally Team
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