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Dual Monitor Tools v2.7
Dual Monitor Tools v2.7 Dual Monitor Tools is a software package for Windows users with dual or multiple monitor setups. All the tools are open source and free, and each tool is independent so you only need to install or run what you want. The tools currently available are: Cursor - restricts cursor movement between monitors Launcher - launches and position applications Snap - takes snapshot of primary monitor Swap Screen - hotkeys to move windows around Wallpaper Changer - changes wallpaper Changes: 5 Jun 2018 - release 2.7 DMT Wallpaper changer image fill method is more configurable. Wallpaper changer properties show a few more details. Wallpaper changer updated for change to Unsplash website. Wallpaper changer can now enable/disable providers from grid. SwapScreen SDA option to put (transparent) border on outside of SDA.
5/5 5,490 Nov 19, 2019
Dual Monitor Tools
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