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Ghostpress v2.2.1041
Ghostpress v2.2.1041 Bulletproof anti-keylogger Ghostpress is an anti-keylogging software that prevents malicious software from capturing your keyboard presses. Anti low-level keylogger Also make it hard for profound attacks to read your keystrokes. The integrated protection breaks low-level hooks from third-party programs. Full system wide key press protection This application is not limited to a handful of programs, but protects you in almost every program. Target window screenshot protection Even if passwords are hidden behind ***, critical entries such as e-mail addresses and private notes can still be screened. Prevent this with Ghostpress! Changes: Version 2.2 +Winlogon support +Added warning for invalid language data folder +Settings file manipulation warning (importing settings from v2.1 or earlier will trigger a false detection once) +New hidden feature to force basic support only #SearchUI (pressing Windows button) is no longer detected for whitelisting #Improved bug handling #Possible restart bug on ultra high-end devices fixed #Whitelist switch delay reduced #Notify icon elevate duplicate fix #Removed Windows Vista from manifest #Updated global exception handler #Fixed handling with disabled Aero #German translation improved #Fixed reenabling issue #Minor UI improvements #Whitelist no longer enforces lower case characters #Fixed crash clicking in the whitelist tab #Fixed rare key press crash Attention: A few engines in VirusTotal are detecting malicious behavior. This is a false positive. The program is clean. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,596 Jan 23, 2020
Hendrik Schiffer
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