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IPerf2 v2.1.9
IPerf2 v2.1.9 A tool that measures network performance of TCP/UDP including latency A network traffic tool for measuring TCP and UDP performance with metrics around both throughput and latency. The goals include maintaining an active iperf code base across a broad set of platforms and operating systems. This is a multi-threaded design which scales with the number of CPUs or cores within a system. Features See the manual page for more features and usage. Fix portability, compile and tested with Linux, Win10, Win7, WinXP, MacOS, Android and some set-top box OSs. Require -u for UDP (-b no longer defaults to UDP) Improved performance Enhanced reporting with -e Support smaller report intervals (100 us or greater, configure --enable-fastsampling for high precision interval time output) Support SO_RCVTIMEOUT for server reports regardless of no packets Support SO_SNDTIMEO on send so socket write won't block beyond -t or -i Support SO_TIMESTAMP for kernel level packet timestamping Support end/end latency in mean/min/max/stdev format (UDP) (-e required) (assumes client and server clocks synched, e.g by Precision Time Protocol to an OCXO oscillator per Spectracom) Fixes to bind so OS can auto assign source port Add local port to bind support (-B option) using colon as separator (v4) or brackets (v6) e.g. iperf -c -B (v4) or for v6, iperf -V -c 2001:e30:1401:2:d46e:b891:3082:b939 -B [2001:e30:1401:2:d46e:b891:3082:b940]:6001 Support TCP rate limited streams (via the -b) using simplified token bucket Support packets per second (UDP) via pps as units, (e.g. -b 1000pps) Display PPS in both client and server reports (UDP) (-e required) ...
5/5 1,691 Jan 24, 2024
Robert McMahon
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