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vJoy v2.1.8
vJoy v2.1.8 This project was originally designed to provide an open-source replacement for PPJoy. The product, at this point, consists of virtual joystick devices that is seen by the system as a standard joystick but its position-data is written to it by a feeder application. An existing feeder application that takes advantage of this product is SmartPropoPlus. If you are an application writer you can very easily write an application that controls a joystick (e.g. mouse-to-joystick, keyboard-to-joystick). If you are a beginner in device drivers you can take this code and enhance it to support more (or less) axes, buttons or POVs. Features Virtual Device and device driver 32/64 bit Driver is signed Configurable: Up to 8 axes, up to 128 buttons and optional 4 POV Hat Switch Package include: Unified x86+x64 installer Download-able: Full sources, SDK (C/C++ C#), Demo feeder applications, documentation Typical audience: Application writers that want to emulate joystick behaviour PPJoy replacement Tested on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Release notes for 27-May-2018 v2.1.8 Build 39 - Windows 10 (1803) bug fix Problem: When moving to Windows 10 release 1803 some users found that vJoy driver stopped functioning. This was manifested in cases where vJoy devices were configured with zero buttons. Fix: This version of vJoy include configuration apps that do not cause such a problem. Recovery: Before installing this version of vJoy make sure the previous configuration (if causes problems) is removed: Run vJoyConfig -r then install this version of vJoy. Status: Fixed Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,060 Jun 10, 2019
Shaul Eizikovich
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