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Strong Passwords Need Entropy v17.0
Strong Passwords Need Entropy v17.0 Strong Passwords Need Entropy" is a great strength and survivability checker, and a strong password generator Features: • 16 rules to be respected when it comes to password policy and security • Password properties • WPA2 key generator with histogram • Test password dictionary - able to test a list of almost 20,000 passwords • Search passwords in worst list (10,010 passwords) • Password versus Password - comparison • Password generator via different modules: - Guid - Mac adress - Random - Serial - Prononceable word (Password Psychology) - Morse code (Password Psychology) - Emoticons (Password Psychology) - Cryptocode (Password Psychology) - Leetspeak (Password Psychology) - Hexspeak (Password Psychology) - Special dictionary - Piece of poetry INSTALL - No Adware No Spyware - 100% freeware - No install required. Just unzip in the directory of your choice - No modification of the registry - Requires no administrator authorization - Doesn't modify files outside own directories - Requires no internet connection SHA-256: 806F38CEFA53C66D6DBDA8D58A758D0F2A4C9E01EB51A8A22E1DD6F23E69B1FA Version 17.0 - Update from 7th of June 2019 • New tool: Pick up your pseudo • New tool: Hash detector • Improvement of certain features • Correction of minor bug • Rule 4 modified Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 563 Jun 11, 2019
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