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JPEGsnoop v1.8.0
JPEGsnoop v1.8.0 JPEG decoder and detailed analysis . Description JPEGsnoop is a detailed JPEG image decoder and analysis tool. It reports all image metadata and can even help identify if an image has been edited. Introduction Every digital photo contains a wealth of hidden information -- JPEGsnoop was written to expose these details to those who are curious. Not only can one determine the various settings that were used in the digital camera in taking the photo (EXIF metadata, IPTC), but one can also extract information that indicates the quality and nature of the JPEG image compression used by the camera in saving the file. Each digical cameras specifies a compression quality levels, many of them wildly different, leading to the fact that some cameras produce far better JPEG images than others. One of the latest features in JPEGsnoop is an internal database that compares an image against a large number of compression signatures. JPEGsnoop reports what digital camera or software was likely used to generate the image. This is extremely useful in determining whether or not a photo has been edited / tampered in any way. If the compression signature matches Photoshop, then you can be pretty sure that the photo is no longer an original! This type of analysis is sometimes referred to as Digital Image Ballistics / Forensics. JPEGsnoop reports a huge amount of information, including: quantization table matrix (chrominance and luminance), chroma subsampling, estimates JPEG Quality setting, JPEG resolution settings, Huffman tables, EXIF metadata, Makernotes, RGB histograms, etc. Most of the JPEG JFIF markers are reported. In addition, you can enable a full huffman VLC decode, which will help those who are learning about JPEG compression and those who are writing a JPEG decoder. JPEGsnoop can now also parse and decode Photoshop files! Other potential uses: determine quality setting used in Photoshop Save As ...
5/5 2,209 Jan 10, 2020
Calvin Hass
LeoMoon HotKeyz v1.8.0
LeoMoon HotKeyz v1.8.0 LeoMoon HotKeyz is a system-wide hotkey manager. You will be able to assign global hotkeys to files, folders, programs, Windows actions, URLs and text snippets. You can work faster and more efficiently by using your keyboard instead of your mouse. LeoMoon HotKeyz is a keyboard utility that will boost your productivity and it is really fun to use. Features Small size and portable Define unlimited number of system-wide hotkeys for: Files Folders Programs Windows actions URLs Text snippets Enable and disable all hotkeys with [Ctrl]+[Win]+[2] Very fast with low system requirements How to use HotKeyz comes with some predefined hotkeys. After running HotKeyz, Right-click on the HotKeyz icon in the taskbar and open Settings to add, edit or delete hotkeys. Compatibility: Windows 7 and later Changes: 1.8.0 2020-05-18: Added a new active window section with these actions: Close Minimize Terminate Transparency + Transparency - Toggle On Top Take Screenshot Snap Fullscreen Snap Top (1x2) Snap Bottom (1x2) Snap Left (2x1) Snap Right (2x1) ...
5/5 87 May 19, 2020
Amin Babaeipanah
PPSSPP v1.8.0
PPSSPP v1.8.0 A Sony PSP emulator for Windows. Play your PSP games in HD! PPSSPP can run your PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution. It can even upscale textures that would otherwise be too blurry as they were made for the small screen of the original PSP. Enhance your experience! Play in HD resolutions and more Customize on-screen touch controls or use an external controller or keyboard Save and restore game state anywhere, anytime Crank up the anisotropic filtering and texture scaling Continue where you left off by transferring saves from your real PSP Free & Open Source PPSSPP is an open source project, licensed under the GPL 2.0 (or later). Anyone is welcome to contribute improvements to the code. Partly thanks to such contributions, PPSSPP's compatibility is steadily increasing, letting us all play our PSP games on the devices of our choice. What's new in 1.8.0 ------------------- * Avoid crash when starting PPSSPP due to bad AMD Vulkan drivers (#11802) * PowerVR Vulkan display corruption fixed (#11744, #11747) * Naruto Shippuden 3 hang fixed (#11780) * Fixes to various lighting bugs (#11567, #11574, #11577) * Fix control issue in Sonic Rivals and Rock Band (#11878, #11798, #11879) * Significant performance improvement in Earth Defense Force 2 (#11172) * Fix "real clock sync" setting (helps with latency for music games - #11813) * More speed in FF4 effects and other generated curves (#11425) * Support for resizing Vulkan on Linux (#11451) * Improved support for GLES on Linux/IoT (#11507, #11537, #11541, #11632, #11746, #11806, #11845) * Percentage based frameskipping (#11523) * DXT accuracy improved, fixing thick white line in Gran Turismo sky (#11530) * Fix Motorstorm freeze on non-Windows (#11618) * Faster block transfer in some games like Digimon Adventures (#11531, #11553, #11776) * Blending optimizations and improvements (#11543, #11620) * ...
5/5 1,831 Jun 28, 2019
PPSSPP Project
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