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BriskBard v1.7.1
BriskBard v1.7.1 The power of 10 applications in 1 to make your Internet experience easier and more productive Save time and effort with BriskBard Use BriskBard and achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. BriskBard is the new free web browser for windows that integrates everything you need to succeed in all your daily Internet tasks. General features BriskBard includes multiple clients in one program for free. Tabbed interface that can be arranged horizontally or vertically to take advantage of the free lateral space in panoramic monitors. The tabs can be duplicated, reopened and moved freely by the user. The user can set the color of the tabs individually to find them easily. All tasks are carried out in multiple threads to make the most of all the cpu cores and accelerate the response times. BriskBard is available in Spanish, English and French. There's a translations manager so everybody can translate all the text messages to other languages easily, and export or import those translations from text files. Keyboard shortcuts to manage tabs and the full screen mode. Scalable user interface supporting high resolution monitors. Portable and installable versions. Customizable user interface with visual styles for controls and windows, and images for buttons, menus, etc. Web browser Web browser with three rendering engines. By default BriskBard uses Blink but it can also use Trident and its own engine. Blink and Trident offer maximum compatibility and support the latest web technologies : hardware acceleration, HTML 5, CSS 3, javascript... BriskBard's own rendering engine has the following features : HTML 4.01 and CSS ...
5/5 58 May 03, 2019
Salvador Díaz Fau
Desktop Restore v1.7.1
Desktop Restore v1.7.1 This tiny application operates as a Shell extension. It records the layout and positions of icons and programs on the Windows Desktop, and permits restoration of the layout. From the author: "I wrote this program after severe frustration of having my layout trashed every time I switched screen resolutions. Sometimes other programs will switch screen size and trash your layout as well. This program is an answer to this problem, and I thought other people might find it useful too." TIP: Even with Desktop restore installed, does Windows seem to scramble your icons now every time you reboot, or press F5 to refresh? If so, after you restore your icons the way you want them, manually move one icon a space or two over and then move it back. After that Windows should remember their placement for a much longer time. Usage After installation, three new items are available in the desktop context menu (right-click menu): Save Desktop… , Restore Desktop and Custom Save and Restore… Right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Save Desktop… stores the current desktop layout into the registry (after verifying that this is what you want), using the current screen resolution as the name. Once this has been performed, choosing Restore Desktop, will recall the stored layout (for the current screen resolution) even if the icons have been scrambled all over the screen. You should always re-save the desktop after adding an icon and after changing a desktop icon’s position. Custom Save and Restore… allows you to: · Choose the saved layout to restore. ...
5/5 766 Feb 11, 2019
Jamie O'Connell
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