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CSearcher v1.5.5.1
CSearcher v1.5.5.1 CSearcher is a simple and fast free non-indexing search program. Searching computer files and folders is rather common for every PC user daily. Using standard Windows Explorer solution for this has many disavantages: it's slow, uses lots of RAM and many times it does not find what we are looking for! CSearcher gives users a more advanced file searching tool alternative. CSearcher includes all features of Windows Explorer search and adds many unique features. Features: ∑ Integration with Explorer menu for seamless search of folders. ∑ Exclude patterns. ∑ Date and size options. ∑ Find files that contain specific text. ∑ Calculate MD5 and compare files. ∑ Simple Hex Viewer of any file. ∑ Search history. ∑ Filtering: Filter results. After finding all the results you want, you can dynamically filter results for faster finding of different items. Filter possible duplicate file (same name and size), can be confirmed with md5. ∑ Export selected results to XML, CSV or HTML file. Characteristics: ∑ Results can be Files AND/OR directories! ∑ Windows native DLL calls for better performance. ∑ Portable tool, can be installed and run from any folder, no installation required. Advantages: ∑ One of the fastest non-indexing free File searchers. ∑ Low RAM usage. Version (October 25, 2018) [fix] File/folder date/time were not being displayed considering time zones [fix] When renaming files, the file icon was not update in case of a file type change [fix] Improved layout with "max number of results" textbox when windows text size is increased to 125 or 150% [fix] Small bug fixes and more error handling improvements Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,722 Dec 06, 2019
Hugo Nabais
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