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Last Update/Developer
Double Commander v0.9.3
Double Commander v0.9.3 Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas. Features Unicode support Tabbed interface Multi-rename tool Custom columns Built in file viewer (F3) to view files of in hex, binary or text format Internal text editor (F4) with syntax hightlighting Archives are handled like subdirectories. You can easily copy files to and from archives. Supported archive types: ZIP, TAR GZ, TGZ, LZMA and also BZ2, RPM, CPIO, DEB, RAR. All operations working in background Extended search function with full text search in any files Configurable button bar to start external programs or internal menu commands Total Commander WCX, WDX and WLX plug-ins support Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,265 Jun 21, 2019
Double Commander
Giffer v0.9.3
Giffer v0.9.3 The program records contents of the screen within its light-green frame and then produces an animated GIF from the capture. It works by grabbing frames as quickly as possible, but not exceeding 100 FPS. Higher FPS doesn't make sense, because the smallest per-frame delay in GIF is 1/100 of a second => 100 FPS max, at best. For each frame it checks if it's different from the last saved frame. If it's, then it saves it as .bmp in a work folder (see below) and notes duration of the previous frame in index.txt file, also in the work folder. Once the recording is stopped, it goes through index.txt and assembles saved frames in a GIF and saves it in the work folder. It then deletes all .bmp files and index.txt, and opens resulting .gif in default viewer (that would usually be the web browser). -- Controls -- F1 starts recording. Alternatively - double-click on the window title. To stop recording and make a GIF, hit F1 again. To cancel recording and discard the capture, hit Esc. When idle, Esc minimizes the window. F2 run a benchmark. The program just tries to grab frames as quickly as possible without saving them. The purpose of this is to estimate the max achievable FPS for the screen and frame size. In my case, it tops at 30 FPS on one monitor and at around 45 FPS on another. -- Ini file -- A small handful of settings is stored between the runs in giffer.ini, which by default is located in the program's launch folder. Location of the .ini can be overridden as follows: giffer.exe -c x:\path\to\ini\folder This will cause the program to search for giffer.ini there. -- Work folder -- The program defaults to placing its temporary files (of which there's a plenty) into %Temp%\Giffer folder. If %Temp% is undefined, it will fall back to using C:\Temp\Giffer. This too ...
5/5 967 Jul 02, 2020
Alex Pankratov
WinCompose v0.9.3
WinCompose v0.9.3 A compose key for Windows, free and opensource, created by Sam Hocevar with the help of dozens of contributors. A compose key allows to easily write special characters such as ō ☺ ∅ ♯ ⸘ Ⓚ ㊷ ♪ ♬ using short and often very intuitive key combinations. For instance, is obtained using o + ", and ♥ is obtained using < + 3. WinCompose also supports Emoji input for 😁 👻 👍 💩 🎁 🌹 🐊. Sam wrote WinCompose because none of the alternatives (FreeCompose, CKFW, AllChars or Unichars) were found to be satisfying. Quick start After installation, WinCompose should appear in the System Tray. Press and release the ⎄ Compose key to initiate a compose sequence (this key defaults to Right Alt); the icon should change to indicate a compose sequence is in progress. Then type in the keys for a compose sequence, such as A then E for : If Right Alt is not suitable for you, you can change it in the settings. The full list of rules can be found by clicking on the WinCompose system tray icon or using the Show Sequences menu entry: The window allows you to filter the sequences being listed. Features WinCompose supports the standard Compose file format. It provides more than 1700 compose rules from the Xorg project and the dotXCompose project. You can add custom rules by creating a file named .XCompose or .XCompose.txt in your %USERPROFILE% directory. WinCompose must be restarted for changes to take effect. WinCompose supports rules of more than 2 characters such as ⎄ Compose ( 3 ) for ③. WinCompose supports early exits. For instance, ⎄ Compose q will immediately type q because there is currently no rule starting with q. As of now, WinCompose is almost fully translated to Belarusian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Greek, ...
5/5 1,530 Jul 02, 2020
Sam Hocevar
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