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Free Mars v0.8.7.5
Free Mars v0.8.7.5 Turn based strategy game about colonizing Mars. It is the year 2077, for the first time in its history mankind has finally began the colonization of another planet. Will the pioneers from Earth succeed in colonizing their new home or will they fail to survive against the harsh and inhospitable conditions of the Red planet? Use 7-Zip 32bit or 7-Zip 64bit to unzip this file. Version (September 14, 2019) ----- * Randomness added to Earth resource consumption. * "Load All Cargo" order added. This order can be given to a unit by using the main menu, colony dialog context menu, or by the shortcut Ctrl+Y. * Earth tax added to unit sales. * Updates in colony dialog panel. * Updated population decrease ratio to be more realistic. * Transporters' movement points are not reset when loading unloading. * A spaceship cannot be launched if the colony it is in is missing a starport or has a starport that is disabled. * A spaceship cannot land if target colony is missing a starport or has a starport that is disabled. It will wait in Mars orbit until starport is enabled. * "Unable to land spaceship" message added. * Bugs fixed. - Colony improvement image bug after enabling by assigning colonists. - Colony improvement remove bugs fixed. * Help pages updated. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 3,366 Nov 08, 2020
Free Mars Team
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