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Filmulator v0.11.1
Filmulator v0.11.1 A simple raw photo editor based on the process of developing film About Filmulator is a raw photo editing application with library management focusing on Simplicity over flexibility Ease of learning Streamlined workflow Filmulator accepts raw files from cameras and simulates the development of film as if exposed to the same light as the camera's sensor. This brings about several benefits: Large bright regions become darker, compressing the output dynamic range. Small bright regions make their surroundings darker, enhancing local contrast. In bright regions, saturation is enhanced, helping retain color in bright skies, brighter skin tones, and sunsets. In extremely saturated regions, the brightness is attenuated, helping retain detail e.g. in flowers. If you're familiar with film development techniques, this is what you get from stand development, except with color too. This film simulation helps users achieve great results with less effort. Filmulator Comparisons Here's an example of Filmulator recovering highlights and lightening the shadows without losing contrast. Filmulator is on the right or bottom in all of these image pairs. It can easily fix clipped highlights even on skin. This example shows Filmulator enhancing colors in a natural manner without inducing color clipping. It can also boost local contrast in scenes while reducing global contrast. Finally, it can do all of the above, recovering highlights and shadows while enhancing colors and contrast. This download is for the Windows version. If you need the Linux version, download here. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,030 Oct 21, 2022
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