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tcpTrigger v1.2.4
tcpTrigger v1.2.4 tcpTrigger is a Windows service intended to notify you of incoming network connections. You specify a TCP port to monitor and an action to take. Actions taken include: sending a notification email and/or launching an external application or script. Your action will then be triggered each time an incoming connection is attempted on your specified port. Notes .NET 3.5 or greater is required to run the service. .NET 4.5 or greater is required to run the graphical configuration editor. The installer does not do a prerequisites check, so make sure you have the required .NET frameworks. The pre-compiled installer is not code-signed, so you will get a scary warning when you run it. My build environment is Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 and WiX Toolset v3.10. Features Intrusion Detection For a simple, yet effective, internal intrusion detection system, deploy tcpTrigger. Attackers who are unfamiliar with your network, must first map out live hosts and running services. This is typically accomplished with a port scanner, such as Nmap. An intruder cannot steal sensitive documents without first discovering your file servers, and they cannot dump your user mailboxes without first discovering your email servers. If your tcpTrigger system gets probed, you will be alerted of the intrusion. Your tcpTrigger system can alert on incoming ICMP echo requests or on connections to any TCP port. You can monitor ports with existing services or even ports with nothing listening. Detection works the same whether the port is open or closed. It will even detect 'half-open' connections used by most port scanners. For an IDS deployment in an enterprise environment, install tcpTrigger on a dedicated system and configure it to ...
5/5 3,013 Nov 13, 2019
Ryan Smith
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