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jEdit v5.6.0
jEdit v5.6.0 A programmer's text editor written in Java. jEdit is a programmer's text editor written in Java. It uses the Swing toolkit for the GUI and can be configured as a rather powerful IDE through the use of its plugin architecture. Features Combines the best functionality of Unix, Windows and MacOS text editors. Runs on any operating system with a Java 1.6 or higher virtual machine - this includes MacOS X, Linux, Unix, VMS and Windows. Efficient keyboard shortcuts for everything, with predefined keymaps for Emacs, Intellij IDEA, and Mac OSX (5.0) Comprehensive online help Unlimited undo/redo Copy and paste with an unlimited number of clipboards (known as "registers") Register contents are saved across editing sessions "Kill ring" automatically remembers previously deleted text Rich set of keyboard commands for manipulating entire words, lines and paragraphs at a time "Markers" for remembering positions in files to return to later Marker locations are saved across editing sessions Any number of editor windows may be open, each window may be split into several areas, each area can view a different file and keep track of an independent set of buffers. Alternatively, different locations in one file can be viewed in more than one area Multiple open windows and split windows are remembered between editing sessions Rectangular selection Multiple selection (sometimes known as "discontinuous" or "additive" selection) for manipulating several chunks of text at once Word wrap This download is for the Windows installer version. All other download assets are below: Java: jedit5.6.0install.jar MacOS: jedit5.6.0install.dmg Linux: jedit_5.6.0_all.deb jedit-5.6.0-noarch-1sao.tgz Source: jedit5.6.0source.tar.bz2 Documentation: jedit5.6.0manual-letter.pdf jedit5.6.0manual-a4.pdf Click here to ...
5/5 1,424 Oct 12, 2022
jEdit Development Team
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