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Dave's Color Wheels 2.2.0
Dave's Color Wheels 2.2.0 Daves Color Wheels is a puzzle in which you have to turn wheels to make a color from the Start to the Finish. Whatever color you choose to put in the Start Position is the color that has to continue through to the End. There is also a little twist. At level 15, a worm race begins. The color of the puzzle you solve will advance that same color worm. The game will tell you what color worm has to win to go to a bonus round (There will be 3 bonus rounds) Can you solve all 3 bonus rounds? We didn't include a save feature on this one. You'll just have to stick with it until you solve all 3 bonus rounds or just keep your computer on. OH, after the 3rd bonus round you may as well just quit because we included enough 'Wheels Puzzles' to last longer than your fingers can click! ;-D
5/5 3,511 Oct 03, 2019
Savage Wheels 1.5
Savage Wheels 1.5 Savage Wheels is a 2D car crashing arcade game, where up to 2 to 4 vehicles take part in a deadly tournament.The goal is to eliminate the other derby contestants. Players may choose from a variety of vehicles, each with it's unique characteristics like speed, acceleration, armor, damage and driver. Various bonuses may be collected during the match to increase the vehicle speed and damage or to repair it. Gameplay modes includes a campaign, hot-seat mode between two players or melee mode where other vehicles are controlled by fearsome game AI ;-). All vehicle drivers have their background stories, which are uncovered in the campaign mode. Player 1 Controls Arrow keys to move UP (accelerate) LEFT (turn left) RIGHT (turn right) DOWN (back gear) INSERT - place landmine (if available) BACKSPACE - initiate self destruction DELETE - honk Player 2 Controls R (accelerate) D (turn left) G (turn right) F (back gear) T (key)- place landmine (if available) V (key) - initiate self destruction Q (key) - honk Changelog: V1.5 Release * improved vehicle damage balancing. * changed all ingame sound effects. * changed sound support library. Game now uses FMod Ex sound library to play sound fx and music. * added Linux startup script - ''. * fixed crashes and game assets loading issues under 64-bit platforms. * minor fixes in game AI and physics that caused vehicles to stuck. * fixed bug that caused UI buttons to be constantly pressed. * fixed save/load game settings for 64-bit platforms. * fixed a minor ...
5/5 3,812 Sep 27, 2016
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