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Warsow v2.1.2
Warsow v2.1.2 The fastest sport on the web Set in a futuristic cartoonish world, Warsow is a completely free fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) for Windows, Linux and macOS. Warsow is Art of Respect and Sportsmanship Over the Web Since 2005, Warsow is considered as one of the most skill-demanding games in the fast-paced arena shooter scene. If you're looking for some challenge or old-skool and hardcore gameplay, you came to the right place!" Here's a few tips that will improve your gaming experience in Warsow: GL, HF and GG - these are the fundamentals of esports. It never hurts to say them; Each loss is an opportunity to improve your skills and game knowledge; Each win is an opportunity to share your game knowledge with the others! Thanks for your attention and once again, welcome to Warsow! -Fabrice Demurger Warsow founder What is Warsow? Speed and movement is what Warsow is all about. Like a true cyberathlete you jump, dash, dodge, and walljump your way through the game. Grab power-ups before your enemy does, plant a bomb before anyone sees you, and steal the enemyís flag before they know what is going on! Our goal is to offer a fast and fun competitive first-person shooter without hard graphical violence - Warsow has no blood or guts flying around. Red circles instead of blood indicate hits and colored triangles replace guts as gib effects. We put a great emphasis on extreme customazibility and e-sports features. Your browser does not support the video tag. This download is for the Windows version. All other download assets are below: MacOS: warsow-2.1.2.dmg Linux: warsow-2.1.2.tar.gz Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,215 Oct 20, 2022
Chasseur de Bots
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