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Update on Randy by: Randy.
Hi everyone. I am slowly on the mend. I'm trying to be a good home patient by doing my breathing exercises and walking.
Deanna won't let me go work at our store but she has given me the green light to work on the website and do remote support.
I just want to thank everyone for taking care of her while I was down with your extra donations and messages.
She is quite the bread winner on her own but halving any family's income is a scaring thing.
Thank you!

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W10Privacy v4.0.0.1
W10Privacy v4.0.0.1 Free tool to easily find and change privacy settings in Windows 10 and Windows 11. From the author: The by default highly questionable set options concerning privacy and data protection in Windows 10 brought me to the idea to develop this program. Microsoft generously enables everybody to change the concerning settings, but hides them in countless menus, where a normal user does not want to search for! The program should therefore be a help, to display the available settings relatively clearly and to set the desired options if necessary. The primary focus is on settings for Windows 10/11 and its apps (for example the new browser "Edge"). The program will be expanded gradually, if possible and available, with the corresponding Windows 8.1 features in the future. W10Privacy is certainly no programming masterpiece, but it fulfills my intended purpose. The software is still in an early development phase, requests are welcome and may be included in future releases! -Bernd Schuster This program may trigger anti-virus warnings since it changes core Windows settings.. These are false warnings. This program contains no viruses or malware. Read author's statement here. SHA256-Hash (of the file c7a6278c8ec6340bc247e37304e42b31ed9e311b310a5ca25c3e8f3f619b5867 Changes: (08/14/2022) - On some systems, files of the "PSWindowsUpdate" module were blocked when calling PowerShell, so it was not possible to search for updates on them (W10Privacy "froze"). In the run-up to the execution of the module, the affected files are first unlocked using the "Unblock-File" call (this was also done with the previous W10Privacy versions and the old "PSWindowsUpdate" module, according to my tests it seemed to work with the new version no longer necessary). - Fixed a bug that prevented the "System Apps" tab from showing the reason for showing an empty tab (the tab just remained empty instead of showing the "Settings" notice). Instructions: All Screenshots (download is at the bottom... we promise): Click here ...
5/5 4,701 Aug 14, 2022
Bernd Schuster
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