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Vidiot v0.3.32
Vidiot v0.3.32 Vidiot is a non-linear video editor targeted for home video editing. It supports compositing (scaling/rotating/positioning), cropping, changing speed, adding transitions and titles, trimming, key frames, etc. Features Non-linear video editor Video converter Video compositing Trimming Cut/Move/Drag and drop Titles Key frames Transitions Speed changing Cropping Scaling Changes: Release 0.3.32 (revision 2785) * Fixed [#362]: Audio peaks updating performance improved. (r2780) * Fixed [#364]: Length buttons now also enabled if the button length can be set without shifting all clips in all other tracks. (r2779) * Fixed: One extra black frame was exported at end of movie. (r2776) * Improved exporting speed. (r2775) * Unlinking clips now possible for multiple clips at once. (r2775) * Added [#284]: Keyboard shortcuts to enlarge/reduce clips. (r2771) * Added kerning option to titles. (r2767) * Added line spacing option to titles. (r2767) * Added underline option to titles. (r2766) * Improved [#361]: Better title font with border. (r2765) * Renamed "Render" to "Export" and created separate menu. (r2762) * Fixed: No filename shown in details view for images. (r2749) * [Linux] Added support for dropping files from the file system directly. (r2748) * Added menu option to directly add clips to end of timeline. (r2725) * Added popup menu option to add clips inside timeline. (r2725) * Fixed undo bug: Crash after undo, close timeline, open timeline, undo again. (r2725) * Removed project view. (r2725) * Improved preview performance. (r2717) * Added popup menu option to add crossfades between all clips in an audio track. (r2715) * Added auto save option. (r2713) * Fixed crash when loading old project file containing timelines with image(s). (r2712) * When editing titles the resulting style is used as default for newly added titles. (r2711) * Fixed: Undo/redo of editing ...
5/5 1,508 Sep 22, 2021
Eric Raijmakers
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