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Timestamp Clamper v1.0
Timestamp Clamper v1.0 Timestamp Clamper allows resetting file and folder timestamps that fall outside of specified time range. In particular, it can be used to reset timestamps that are so far in the past (or in the future) that they are not supported by the file system of the backup device. As a result these timestamps cannot be correctly replicated from source to the backup and this will cause source and backup copies to _appear_ to be out of sync as they timestamps won't match. This in turn will cause Bvckup 2 to needlessly re-copy these files on the next run. Operation 1. Select a folder to process 2. Select which timestamps to check 3. Specify target time range. 4.a Press Preview to do a simulated run. 4.b Press Process to do it for real. Timestamps that are earlier/later than the range start/end time will be replaced by the latter. Timestamps on both files and folders are checked. Preview vs Process Preview is exactly the same as Process, except it skips issuing "set timestamps" requests when out-of-range timestamps are found. The log The log shows files/folders that have out-of-range timestamps and any errors encountered when scanning or setting new timestamps. The log is copy-paste'able. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 1,352 Jan 17, 2019
Bvckup 2
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