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Terrain Generator v1.0.4.16
Terrain Generator v1.0.4.16 Terrain Generator is a simple terrain editor. Exports RAD (Radix game remake) maps in WAD format and Doom maps in UDMF format for advanced source ports. RAD engine: Features Export RAD (Radix game remake) maps Export UDMF GZdoom/K8Vavoom maps Export screenshots to disk Export screenshots to clipboard Multiple Undo/Redo Changes: Version (20201214) --------------- Reduce complexity of UDMF maps by merging sectors without slope. Added heightmap resample X2. (limited to the existing deformations) Changed main form layout for better productivity. Added a PK3 file reader. We can now load textures directly from PK3/ZIP files. Zlib library updated to ver. 1.28. Speed optimizations to texture loading. Import terrain texture from an image file on disk. Import heightmap texture from an image file on disk. Added main form size constrains. Select drawing textures from directory path. Hint messages for various tools. Scale slider to select the texture scaling. Information labels in texture preview. Draw terrain with plain color. Added custom cursors. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 763 Dec 15, 2020
Jim Valavanis
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