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Sugar on a Stick v0.118
Sugar on a Stick v0.118 A Fedora® Spin operating system to create a live (bootable) flash drive featuring the award-winning Sugar Learning Platform for kids. What is Sugar? Sugar is a learning platform that reinvents how computers are used for education. Collaboration, reflection, and discovery are integrated directly into the user interface. Sugar promotes "studio thinking" and "reflective practice". Through Sugar's clarity of design, children and teachers have the opportunity to use computers on their own terms. Students can reshape, reinvent, and reapply both software and content into powerful learning activities. Sugar's focus on sharing, criticism, and exploration is grounded in the culture of free software (FLOSS). About the Sugar pedagogy Information is about nouns; learning is about verbs. The Sugar interface, in its departure from the desktop metaphor for computing, is the first serious attempt to create a user interface that is based on both cognitive and social constructivism: learners should engage in authentic exploration and collaboration. It is based on three very simple principles about what makes us human: 1) everyone is a teacher and a learner; 2) humans by their nature are social beings; and 3) humans by their nature are expressive. These are the pillars of a user experience for learning. Sugar also considers two aphorisms: 1) you learn through doing, so if you want more learning you want more doing; and 2) love is a better master than duty—you want people to engage in things that are authentic to them, things that they love. About the Sugar Learning Platform The Sugar Learning Platform is an alternative to the ubiquitous computer desktop metaphor that has dominated computing since its invention at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) in the 1970s. (Children are not office workers, nor does ...
0/5 1,498 Nov 10, 2023
Sugar Labs
Windows Sugar and Spice Theme
Windows Sugar and Spice Theme Mmmmmmm... cookies!!! A Windows desktop theme featuring the best part of the holidays. Click here to visit the author's website.
5/5 2,719 Dec 06, 2022
Microsoft Corp.
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